Tender Mysteries Series

After a flood annihilates a wagon train,

eleven female survivors try to build a life in Hope, Nebraska.


Book One, Deborah's Story
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July, 1895. Deborah Willet wants nothing more than to find out who is stealing precious items from her family. Steven Paxton wants Deborah, and he isn't shy about letting her know how he feels. As Deborah begins to succumb to a new love in her life she makes a shocking discovery about an old one. Thieves, lovers, family--is there anyone a woman can trust?

Book Two, Amy's Story

November, 1895. While Amy McKittrick attempts to save the good name of one falsely-accused, special man, she begins to fall in love with another. Diego Consillo has one objective in mind when he arrives in Hope, Nebraska: recover the money stolen from his church and return it. But, now that he's met Amy, he wonders if he'll be able to complete his mission.


Book Three, Susan's Story

April, 1896: Susan Willet vows to capture and boil in oil the man who’s kidnapped her sister Bonnie. Susan’s tremendous passion is one of the things Sheriff Sam Feist finds most attractive about her, but, no matter how worked up she is about her sister’s abduction, he’s not going to let her go after a dangerous kidnapper. As if he could stop her…


Book Four, Liza's Story

June, 1896: Liza’s accused of stealing fifteen hundred dollars, and Antonio seems to be the only person who can help her out of the mess she’s in--even though she doesn’t exactly trust the handsome private investigator.

Antonio believes Liza is as guilty as the prosecutor says she is, but, having been instantly smitten with the beautiful woman, he wants more than anything to find a way to get her acquitted of the charges against her.


Book Five, Bonnie's Story

August, 1896. After searching for his father's killer for five years, Emile Hausman thinks he's finally found the thieving brute. Just when he's about to get justice, Bonnie enters his life. She's hurt; she's alone...and she doesn't remember who she is.

Emile sets aside his need for justice, and, as he nurses the lovely Bonnie back to health, he falls deeply in love.  Emile and Bonnie are blissfully happy until horrific secrets from Bonnie's past throw them into a world so dark only true love can ensure their survival.

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Important Author’s Note:

 Author Fran Shaff would like to extend her deepest regrets that she is unable to complete the originally planned ten-book Tender Mysteries Series because breast cancer has stolen away her good health. More than anything she wanted to complete this popular series. She sends many thanks and God’s blessings to all of her Faithful Readers.


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