Welcome to Heart Junction, South Dakota. It's early in the Twentieth Century,
and we're a new town with great hope for the future. Sometimes we town folk get a little nasty, but that makes us all the more interesting.


    Book One of the Heart Junction Series

Winner of the Recommended Read Award and Golden Rose Award

1912. Laura Windsor wants to become a mother to an orphan girl, but Gavin Maitland won't allow it. His civic duty requires him to place children from the orphan train with married couples only. As the two of them struggle to do what is best for the girl who has won their hearts, they find a special love of their own. But can two people at odds ever join together? Not without breaking conventions, promises and even a few laws.

STEPHANIE'S SURPRISE Book Two of the Heart Junction Series

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1913, Heart Junction, South Dakota: Dr. Aaron Wesley has been trying to court school teacher Stephanie Porter, but she keeps refusing his invitations. When Aaron is appointed to the school board, he welcomes the opportunity to work with her. Stephanie, on the other hand, couldn’t be more displeased with the arrogant physician's new civic duties. As Stephanie and Aaron work together, personal mysteries are unraveled and an attraction between them builds. A passion they share brings them closer than ever, and Stephanie begins to realize that Aaron may not be the ogre she’d thought him to be. Or is he?

Book Three of the Heart Junction Series

"I fell in love with these characters and this town." 
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1914. Marigold Mahoney's father has insisted she leave his palatial home in Minneapolis to teach school in dusty, little Heart Junction, South Dakota. Grit Truman agrees to be Mari's driver even though he finds the spoiled little spitfire a challenge. But when a woman is as attractive as Mari, a man should welcome the tribulation. Sparks fly, and Grit begins to wonder who will end up taming whom.

Heart Junction Series
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Includes all three books of
The Heart Junction Series
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1850s Nebraska:  Marietta Randolf travels from Chicago to Nebraska to collect her orphaned nephew Zack.  When a snow storm delays her return trip, she finds herself stranded in an unappealing land with a very appealing rancher,

 Jase Kent.