Young People's Novels


Coffee Time Reviews calls
The Trading Game, "Extraordinary!"

1898 New York and Wisconsin. Meet Lacey and Salina, young lady look-alikes, one orphaned and homeless, one wealthy and bored, who switch identities and have amazing adventures.

Deception, street fights, bank robbers, stowaways...these little ladies aren't afraid of anything.

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Recommended Read Award from Fallen Angel Reviews

EPPIE Nomination for excellence in Young Peoples' Literature

Caught Stealing...When homeless, orphaned Axel O'Grady steals a loaf of bread a judge gives him a choice--go to jail or take the Orphan Train from New York to Iowa to be placed out with a new family. 

Axel chooses Iowa, but he promises his best friend Nate Greenleaf he will return.  And A PARTNER'S PROMISE can never be broken.

Adventure and Fantasy

5 Cups from Coffee Time Reviews: This story is a pure delight in every way.

Monsters, thieves, birds who shoot deadly feathers like arrows at their victims… These are the some of the hazards seven little children must face if they want to become the great Greek gods they were before their father Zeus turned them into human children. Apollo, Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares, Hephaestus, Athena and Artemis will do whatever is necessary to return to Olympus as great gods again.