Research Activity

On the level of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the teaching staff participates in the academic research activity by means of the research centers institutionally acknowledged via the Senate Decision of Valahia University of Târgoviște:

  • The Center of Accounting and Finance Studies and Research;
  • The Center of Economic Research in Management and Marketing.

Presentation of the Center of Accounting and Finance Studies and Research

Mission Statement

Our academic scientific research is a complex activity and includes the following aspects: training future researchers, developing creativity, promoting excellence, scientific knowledge, communication and information, self-evaluation and competition, promoting values, interdisciplinarity and team work, shaping practical-applicative habits, competence and moral satisfaction.

The scientific research of the Center of Accounting and Finance Studies and Research takes place along three directions:

  • research in the Accounting and Finance domain;
  • research in the domain of statistics, cybernetics, economic and management informatics;
  • collaboration to the research activities of the administrative sciences domain.

Research domains

The Center belongs to the priority research domain: Economic Sciences, its fundamental research domain being: Accounting - Finance, and its activity domains:

1. research in the domain of financial and management accounting;

2. research in the domain of public and private finance; 

3. research in the domain of statistics, econometrics, economic and management informatics.

The Center of Economic Researches in Management and Marketing

The Center of Economic Researches in Management and Marketing carries out: organizational management studies and research, marketing research, public administration studies and research, etc. At the same time, our center realizes feasibility studies, restructuring studies, patrimony evaluation and also information-documentation and consulting actions.


FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH DOMAIN: Economy, Management, Marketing


  • Macroeconomic policies and strategies
  • Economy and territorial development
  • SMEs business management
  • Labor market
  • Strategic management
  • Change management
  • Enterprise economy 
  • Intercultural management
  • Marketing research

The Activity of the Center is oriented towards:

  • initiating and elaborating fundamental research works in the area of the economic theory;
  • experimental knowledge of the economic phenomena, and scientific testing of certain theories, models, efficient intelligent administration and management systems in domains pertaining to the activity of the Romanian firms, on levels comparable to the EU market;
  • elaboration, based on contracts with third parties, of studies, analyses, surveys, concerning the economic, technical and administrative, structural and functional problem of corporate management, promoting the application of different  modern production, distribution, and quality assurance methods;
  • facilitating the close articulation between scientific research and the policies needed to develop the capacity of absorbing innovation in the economic environment;
  • improving the firms’ access to informational facilities and scientific assistance services;
  • orientation of this research center towards the market by the dissemination of scientific knowledge, both through publications and through the development of contacts, under all forms and in all the situations, with the enterprises and organizations concerned, favoring economic and technical cooperation;
  • integration in international networks and programs with similar concerns;
  • know and promote the experience of the academic environments in the domain of scientific research nationally and internationally;
  • valorizing the results of the research works by editing and disseminating information bulletins and synthesis studies, notebooks, and other publications.