Educational Offers

The Faculty of Economic Sciences organizes the following types of studies:

  • Bachelor Degree studies. By the professional training that our future graduates benefit of, we aim to anticipate and to answer the Romanian society’s demand for highly trained economics specialists. The academic Bachelor Degree studies offer fundamental training in economics (semesters 1 - 4) and specialized training (semesters 5 - 6).
  • Master Degree studies. Their objective is to create general competences and cognitive skills in applicative research through its insertion in the socioeconomic life. These academic Master Degree studies offer specialized training (semesters 1 - 3) and practical training for the elaboration of the dissertation paper (semester 4).
  • Doctoral studies. The doctoral studies aspire to create specialized competences of fundamental research and specific cognitive skills: identify new problems and approach them through research; develop the students’ creative and combinative imagination; strengthen the students’ critical and interpretative analysis.
  • Post-graduate Continuing Education studies in the specialties: Sustainable Regional Development; Health Services Management; Information Management; Tourist Boarding Facilities Management; Institutional Management from a European Perspective; Marketing Management in Public Food Services and Tourism; Informatic Systems Audit.

Academic Bachelor Degree programmes

The Bachelor Degree programmes managed by the Faculty of Economic Sciences aim to shape highly trained specialists in the domains: Accounting and Finance-Banks, by creating, developing and improving the students’ knowledge, skills and competences necessary in the context of a dynamic socioeconomic environment. In this sense, the programmes of study have curricula that, through specialization, interdisciplinarity and creativity, create the analytical habits needed for identifying the problems, understanding the operation mechanisms of the economic entities, being able to investigate and analyze economic, financial and banking processes and phenomena, using specific research methods. By the realization of a permanent connection with the business environment in order to improve the act of teaching and the shaping of practical skills in each student, the aim is to create personal and relational skills, so that the students may be able to set and reach their own goals, to meet the employers’ and the clients’ needs and to actively participate to finding solutions to the community problems.

The curriculum plan for the academic bachelor degree programmes are:

  • Accounting and Management Informatics (eng / fr)
  • Finance-Banks (eng / fr)
  • Management (eng / fr)
  • Marketing (eng / fr)
  • Economy of trade, tourism and services (eng / fr)

Academic Master Programmes
In a competitive environment, in-depth studies, specialization and continuing education represent essential conditions for a position as advantageous as possible in one’s career. In this sense, the Faculty of Economic Sciences proposes to the Bachelor Degree graduates programmes of Master Degree studies in the following domains: 
  • Accounting; 
  • Audit of Public and Private Entities
  • Enterprise Management (in French); 
  • Banking Financial Management;
  • Corporate Management;
  • Information Management;
  • Management of Tourist and Service Enterprises;
  • Biodiversity Management;
  • Marketing.
The curriculum plan for the academic master programmes are: