X-Plane Prerequisites

Your computer must have Python and Python Interface installed before you can use the X-Plane Client.  These steps detail the installation of both.  During installation, you will need to select the appropriate files for your operating system and X-Plane install. The version of Python 2.7.9 (it MUST be 2.7.9, not a later version) you download must be the same size as you X-Plane install. A 64 bit install of X-Plane requires the 64 bit Python. A 32 bit install of X-Plane requires the 32 bit Python. If at any time you are given the option, you need to install for "All Users". You can have multiple versions of Python installed, as long as you have Python 2.7.9. The FSE script will not work with any other Python versions past 2.7.9.

Download and Install Python 2.7.9 (NOT a later version)

1. Click here to go to www.python.org/downloads

2. Select "Python 2.7.9" (don't use the yellow download buttons)

3. Select your appropriate operating system in the "Files" section

4. Click "Save File"

5. Install Python 2.7.x ( follow the installer instructions).

6. Setup will create the folder "Python27" in the location you selected. (default is on your hard drive c: as shown below)

Download and Install Python Interface 

        1. click here

2. Click "Python Interface Downloads"

3. Click the "Downloads" button

4. Click on the "Pythoninterface.zip" file, under the 2.7 header

5. Unzip the contents of PythonInterface.zip into the "resources/plugins" folder of X-Plane.  Make sure to extract the plugin with the correct folder structure (as shown below):

6. In the "plugins" folder create a "PythonScripts" folder. Now you should see two new folders in your X-plane/Resources/plugins directory (as shown below):

Finished!  At this point, you can proceed with installing the X-Plane Client.