X-Plane Client


Before installing the X-Plane client, you need the following:
  • A FSE Game Account (see User Account )
  • Python Software (MUST be version 2.7.9, and x64 or x86 dependent on your x-plane x64/x86)(allows python scripts to run on your computer)
  • Python Interface (allows X-Plane to communicate with Python scripts)
For help with these two prerequisites, click here: X-Plane Prerequisite Installation Guide


The installation for the X-Plane Client is somewhat complex. If you experience issues with installing the X-Plane client, please feel free to seek assistance via the "Client Support" section of the FSE Forums.


1. Click here to download the current version ( 1.9.2 ) of the X-Plane client zip file.

    *** If you are updating to a new version of the X-Plane client, delete both "PI_xfse.py" and "PI_xfse.pyc" first.

2. Extract the file "PI_xfse.py" to your PythonScripts directory

Check Installation

  1. Start X-Plane
  2. From the "Plugins" menu choose "Phyton Interface"->"Script enable/disable"
  3. A window should appear, showing the X-Economy script in Line 1:

If there's no X-Economy script shown, then the Python Interface plugin has not found the PI_xfse.py file in the PythonScripts folder, or it was unable to execute the script.

Set Up

  1. Start X-Plane (if not already started)
  2. From the "Plugins" menu choose "X-Economy"->"Open"

  3. Type your Game World username and password. (your Game World password might be different than the one you use in the FSE Community forums)

  4. Click the Login button

Modify your airplanes

Each aircraft type, or "make and model", that you want to fly with FSE will need an "FSE Alias" assigned to it inside X-Plane.
If the X-Plane alias does not match the FSE alias, then the client will show an error message when you try to start a flight:
(Note that the names shown in the image are not the same!)

For each type you wish to fly, do the following:
  1. Determine the Aircraft Alias.
    1. On the Game World website, click HOME > AIRCRAFT MODELS

    2. Search for the make and model and press "Enter" (or use the mouse to select one)

    3. Click the "Request Aliases" button

    4. You can choose any of available alias (there may be just a few, or there may be hundreds)
  2. In X-Plane, load the aircraft type you want to modify
  3. Select "X-Economy"->"Set aircraft alias" from the "Plugins" menu

  4. Type the exact "Modelname" (that you choosed in 1.4) into the text box and click "set"

Once, the aircraft alias is set with the plugin, it generates a permanent "xfse_alias.txt" file inside the appropriate aircraft folder. You only need to perform the above steps once per aircraft type in X-Plane.


Starting a Flight

After you've used the FSE website to setup your flight by renting an aircraft, fueling the aircraft if necessary, and selecting the assignments you are going to fly, it is time to switch over to the flight simulator and get set up for your flight. Make sure that you are at the same airport, and have the same aircraft type in your flight simulator, that you have selected in the FSE Game World.

Once your simulator is ready, open the X-Plane client and click on START FLIGHT.

At this point, the FSE client will adjust your fuel load and payload.

Now that you've hit "Start flight", the Game World database assumes that you are enroute.

Even though you may not have began your taxi or take off, your rental timer has begun it's countdown and the Game World website will list your plane and all of your selected jobs as "enroute". If you are paying for rent at an hourly rate, you are now being charged. At this point, you are now free to fly to any airport you choose. Most likely, you will fly to the destination of your cargo or passengers, but it's also possible that you will fly to another airport to pick up more assignments; or, perhaps you need to make a fuel stop.

Also at this point, the client no longer needs to communicate with the game server, so if you need to disconnect from the internet you may.

Ending a Flight

When you arrive at your intended airport, you signify to the client that you are done flying by coming to a stop. (If you previously disconnected from the internet, reconnect first!).

It does not matter where you come to a stop - you can stop right on the runway, or exit the runway, or taxi all the way to parking. The "level of realism" that you use is up to you.

The client shows you the "end flight" contitions that have to be met to enable the "Finish flight" button to transmit the results to the server.
(In this case: speed < 1kts and both engines needs to be shut down)

Now the flight can be logged to the server by hitting "Finish flight":

The client is sending the results of your flight to the server:

At this point, the Game World database no longer considers you to be "enroute", your rental timer stops (and you are free to disconnect from the Internet again if you need to).

You can go back to the Game World website and see what your earnings were for that flight, check your logbook to make sure everything appears to have logged correctly, and maybe setup your aircraft and assignments for your next flight.

Important Notes

In the lower status area there is some important information about your aircraft rental and how long you have until the rental is over. IMPORTANT: Make sure you land before the counter reaches zero or your flight will be cancelled. You do not need to land at your final destination -- simply ending your flight (see: Ending a Flight instructions) and restarting your flight will start your rental time over.

Once you select "START FLYING", make sure you see your assignment(s) in the main window. It will only show assignments that are onboard your aircraft. If you have selected assignments, and they do not appear in the client window, then they did not get on your plane and you will not get paid if you take off without them. Some reasons that an assignment might not get onboard: it exceeds the aircrafts MTOW, you do not have enough seats (if your assignment is passengers), or you are not yet at the same airport that the assignment is.

Optional Installations / Settings

The X-Plane community members in FSE have developed several additional options for X-Plane users.  These are described below.

FlyWithLUA plugin

Install this FlyWithLUA overlay for additional control of the X-Plane client:
Instructions and discussion about this addon can be found in the FSE Community Forums.

Assign Keyboard / Joystick Commands

You can assign quick commands to a specific keyboard button or joystick button to start your FSE flight.
Inside X-Plane: "Settings" -> "Joystick and Equipment", Tab to either "Button" or "Keyboard"

Missing Airports / ICAO codes

The FSE Airport Database does not match the X-Plane database. There are many airports in FSE that do not exist in X-Plane (thus, they are "missing"). Details about this can be read on the Airports page of the user manual.
The X-Plane community has developed a scenery plug-in that inserts all of these missing airports into the X-Plane simulator:
    FSE-Airports V2 (created by MH1212): Download, for questions start a thread here
    (FSE-Airports V1 (created by Teddii): Download, Instructions and Discussion)