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Secondary MAT 2014

Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education

This is an on-campus cohort.

This intensive cohort-based program offers teacher certification in one calendar year, with an option of completing a Masters degree. It is intended for career-changers with a bachelor's degree. The first cohort will begin in May 2014 and finish in April 2015. The cohort is tentative and the reduced tuition is pending final approval.  

Content Review (0-30)

Applicants must meet content requirements specific to each content areas: English, Math, Social Studies, General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Foreign Languages. It is normally amounts to a major in the required field, or a similar major plus additional coursework. Candidates must successfully complete the appropriate Praxis II Content Test prior to admission to practicum. See the NCATE Guidelines for content evaluation in post-baccalaureate programs. Note, more content coursework may be required before, or during/after completion of the Certification component.

Required Courses 

 Foundations  Professional Education Component
CEP 552 Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Teaching 3 
FNED 546 Contexts of Schooling 4 

SED 506 Survey of Instructional Design 3 
SED 507 Instructional Design and Literacy 3
SED 511 Content and Pedagogy in Secondary Education 4  
SED 512 Field Practicum in Secondary Education 2 
SED 521 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 7  
SED 522  Student Teaching Seminar in Secondary Education 2
SPED 531 Universal Design for Educating All Students 3 

Select A or B: 

A: FNED 547: Introduction to Classroom Research 3  
     INST 516: Integrating Technology into Instruction 3 

B: Concentrations
     Biology, English, French, History, Mathematics, Spanish 

FIFTEEN CREDIT HOURS OF COURSES at the graduate level in the academic field in which certification is sought. Students should contact the department
that provides course work in the anticipated area of certification.

Capstone Course:  
The capstone experience is incorporated into SED 422 (student teaching seminar) 0

Total Credit Hours 37 - 46

Tentative Schedule

Summer I 2014

  • FNED 546: Contexts of Schooling
  • SED 506: Survey of Instructional Design
Summer II 2014
  • CEP 552: Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Teaching
  • SED 507: Instructional Design and Literacy
Fall 2014
  • SPED 531: Universal Design for Educating All Students
  • SED 511: Content and Pedagogy in Secondary Education
  • SED 512: Field Practicum in Secondary Education
  • FNED 547: Introduction to Classroom Research
Spring 2014
  • SED 521: Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • SED 522: Student Teaching Seminar in Secondary Education

Admission Requirements

Applications for the cohort accepted on this site; application deadline is April 1, 2014.  

  • Undergraduate degree with minimum GPA of 3.0 and content background appropriate for teaching secondary education
  • Statement of Educational Philosophy
  • Two disposition references
  •  Your resume outlining educational and work experiences
  • Test scores from Praxis II Content Test with a minimum score as established by the Rhode Island Department of Education.  
    • Request that ETS send the score to Rhode Island College (code# 3724). Test registration online at  
    • See Secondary Education content scores here. Contact Educational Studies Department (Dr. Paul Tiskus) with any questions. 
        • Please note: Principles of Learning and Teaching test, 7-12, is taken while you are in the MAT program.
BEFORE Applying All interested individuals are encouraged to contact Dr. Paul Tiskus, cohort coordinator or the content area advisor listed here. 

Apply here 

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