Assessment system

The most recent NCATE report - Unit Assessment system
Program assessment 

This site is a public warehouse of data used by FSEHD programs. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are determined by standards developed by the Specialized Professional Organizations (SPA). The program list  identifies which SPA's standards are used by which program. 

Program-Level Assessment Methods and Timing

The initial and advanced program assessments are described at 

Collected evidence of student learning

Evidence of Intentional Commitment to Address and Assess Outcome

Most programs go through the SPA accreditation process, which demonstrates the commitment to address and assess learning outcomes. Programs that do not go through a formal SPA accreditation process, still prepare similar reports as a part of the unit accreditation process.

Expected Level of Achievement / Performance Criteria

The performance criteria are specified in each of the assessment instruments described by each  program. 

Actual Level of Achievement

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Use of data to improve 

Timetable for Reassessment

Every program is committed to on-going data collection with semi-annual and annual cycles of data analysis and decision making

Unit Assessment

Initial Programs

Advanced programs

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