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FSDC Administrative Documents

Florida Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF)

Corporate Membership Letter (PDF)

Proposed Bylaws (PDF)

Press Releases

First FSDC Meeting Features “Space Locals” Discussion on Space Enterprise Expansion January 24, 2013 (PDF)

NSS Florida Changes Name to Florida Space Development Council (FSDC) January 16, 2013 (PDF)

State and Federal Space Policy

KSC 2012 - 2032 Master Plan June 2014 (Weblink)

2014 Citizens for Space Exploration D.C. Trip (PDF)

2013 National Space Transportation Policy (PDF)

Marco Rubio proposed amendment to encourage NASA to dispose of surplus facilities (PDF)

FSDC May 23, 2013 letter to Governor Rick Scott urging him to support space-related legislative issues (PDF)

FSDC 2013 Florida Space Policy Advocacy, State Legislative Issues (PDF)

2013 Space Day Brochure, Florida Space Day Council (PDF)

2013 Space Day Advocacy Agenda (DOC)

FSDC 2013 Tallahassee Letters (PDF)

FLDC 2013 Defense Legislative Priorities (DOC)

Space Florida 2013 Legislative Priorities (PDF)

A New Federal/State Realignment for Space by Frank DiBello, President and Chief Executive of Space Florida, January 2013 (DOC)

2012 Florida Aerospace Career & Development Council Federal Policy List (PDF)

Florida Aviation and Aerospace Industry Labor Market Industry Profile, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, 2011 (PDF)

Florida Spaceports: An Analysis of the Regulatory Framework, Florida Department of Transportation, 2010 (PDF)

Kennedy Space Center Resource Encyclopedia, 2010 (PDF)

Seeking a Human Spaceflight Program Worthy of a Great Nation, Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee (Augustine Committee), 2009 (PDF)

Webb-McNamara Agreement, January 17, 1963 (PDF)

Florida's Commercial Spaceport (Shiloh)

FSDC to Volusia County Council Supporting Shiloh Commercial Spaceport, April 3, 2013 (PDF)