NASA's vision for Kennedy Space Center in the 21st Century is to be the world's premier spaceport for both government and commercial launches, so humanity can work and explore in space. Image source: NASA.

We Explore, and So Much More

As home to our nation's most capable spaceport, Florida is fostering the development of a new global economy based on affordable access to space. Our state is home to a growing number of traditional and "New Space" companies, university initiatives, and government programs.

About FSDC

The FSDC is a chapter of the National Space Society (NSS), an independent educational non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization.

Our chapter provides a forum for advocacy, networking and collaboration. We partner with other Florida organizations to promote statewide space industry development and diversification, and pro-space policies at local, state and federal levels.

Join Us

Want to be part of Florida's future in space? The FSDC is for you!

The FSDC has both individual and corporate memberships. Click here to visit our Membership page. Individual memberships are only $5.00 a year. Corporate memberships are only $50.00 a year, which includes three individual memberships and promotion by FSDC at our sponsored events.

Membership in the National Space Society is not required to join the FSDC, although it is encouraged.

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