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  • 21 YEARS OF FSC!!! We are proud to share with you some results of over 20 years of activity:: •         We supported / helped / cared for effectively over 25,000 beneficiaries •         We set up the "Glue ...
    Postat la 22 mai 2018, 04:33 de către Ionut Chirita
  • STRUCTURE OF FSC ACTIVITY The activity is structured on the following major areas: Integrated services for the elderly:Home care services:   1 team in Bacau (including nursing care)11 teams in rural areas: We ...
    Postat la 3 feb. 2016, 22:41 de către Gabriela Achihai
  • Highlights of the year 2017! FSC strategic planning Strategic planning for FSC: we had  a long meeting with the project coordinators with the aim to set the future development steps for the organisation. We discussed ...
    Postat la 22 mai 2018, 04:37 de către Ionut Chirita
  • Summer School in rural Bacau: a great project! Joy and enthusiasm were the key words in all the Eastern villages of Bacau County, where FSC organised a new edition of the Summer School. Over 100 volunteers from Bacau ...
    Postat la 4 feb. 2016, 01:30 de către Gabriela Achihai
  • FSC obtained the title: BEST VOLUNTEER CENTRE IN ROMANIA and BEST VOLUNTEER IN ROMANIA We are very proud of them!!!
    Postat la 3 feb. 2016, 23:28 de către Gabriela Achihai
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25th of June 1997 is the official date when FSC came into existence!!!

It started with a handful of people setting out to develop in Bacau health, social and educational services that were much needed. In these years FSC became one of the most active and best known organisations in the country, praised for it’s innovative, consistent and long term projects addressed to over 20 communities, some of them being the poorest in Romania. With a team of 130 employees and over 300 volunteers we have implemented 85 projects, to the support of over 20,000 direct beneficiaries.  We received over 25 national and international awards, as recognition to the professionalism of our activities. We became a public utility provider (in 2005).

FSC is licencesed for assuring social services.

     We work in partnership with the most important county institutions and companies,                 national companies and funders and charity organisations from the UK, Norway, France,         Switzerland and Germany. 

At present we are implementing 7 major programmes in 8 Day Centres for children, 2 Day Centres for the elderly, 10 teams of home care for the elderly, a residential complex for the seniors and a lucrative workshop.



Almera International; Panda Retail; Rolex, Cybernet SRL; SIF Moldova; Floare de Colt; Agroindustriala; Lions Club; Rotary Club, Inner Wheel; Heconim Impex; Rehau; TNT Sport Club; Pambac; Economcoop, Sir Safety srl, Generali Asigurari, Vila Royal, Auto Moto Invest, Interauto, Coca Cola, Daisy Sara, Estetique Beauty Center, Travel Plaza, Mizar, Agrana Romania, Basarom Prodcom, Interactiv Ro Consult, Lions Club, Malp Moinesti, Pescado Group, Sisters Grill, Restaurantul Corso, Hotel Levisticum, Ursus, 4 Star Pizza; Euro Byota Construct; Royal Plast; Domeniile Viticole Tohani; Galeriile Noblesse; Arena Mall; Rom-Gan Construct; Fion Trade, Metalbac & Farbe; Selgros; Rehau; Optica Gauss; TQM; Omega BC Communications; Cofetaria Dessert; Unity Group; Floraria Lady Blue;


County Council Bacau, MMFPS, CAS Bacau, City Council Bacau, DGASPC Bacau, Prefect Office Bacau, County Educational Department Bacau, County Hospital Bacau, numerous schools and High Schools, Relief Fund for Romania UK, Muzika Charitable Trust UK, Life UK, Peace Fund USA, Ratiu Family Foundation UK, Christlike Solidaridad Germany, Rommaniahjelpen Norway, Herrod Foundation, Espoir Roumanie and Mana@Mana Stiftung from Switzerland

 Local Councils of: Stanisesti, Vultureni, Podu Turcului, Dealu Morii, Gaiceana, Glavanesti, Motoseni, Colonesti, Rachitoasa, Huruiesti, Rachitoasa, Corbasca.