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FSCCLL History of Officers & Conference Locations
  PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Conference                                                                                   Year
1978         Tallahassee 1978
1979         Miami 1979
1980         St. Petersburg 1980
1981         Winter Park 1981
1982-1983 Martha Otting  George McFarland Jan Cara Sarilou Young  Daytona Beach 1982
1983-1984 George McFarland Robert Wallace Nancy Tabler John Vanston Tallahassee 1983
1984-1985 Robert Wallace Mary Cuttler Nancy Tabler Jeanne Underhill Ft. Lauderdale 1984
1985-1986 Mary Cuttler Nancy Tabler Pat Spaulding Jeanne Underhill Sarasota 1985
1986-1987 Nancy Tabler Cheryl Rovinelli Johanna Porpiglia Jeanne Underhill Tampa 1986
1987-1988 Cheryl Rovinelli Rae Mastropierro Judy Brand Donna Barnes Lakeland 1987
1988-1989 Rae Mastropierro Johanna Porpiglia Nadine Doty-Tessel Alice Snyder Palm Beach 1988
1989-1990 Johanna Porpiglia Nadine Doty-Tessel Pamela Bagby Jeanne Underhill Daytona Beach 1989
1990-1991 Nadine Doty-Tessel Ann Kaklamanos Debra Mack Jeanne Underhill Jacksonville 1990
1991-1992 Ann Kaklamanos Jeanne Underhill Faye Osebold Linda Sims Tallahassee 1991
1992-1993 Jeanne Underhill Ann Kaklamanos Faye Osebold Linda Sims Palm Beach 1992
1993-1994 Ann Kaklamanos Judy Brand Dororhy Brenng Sonia Falgoust Ft. Pierce 1993
1994-1995 Judy Brand Linda Sims Terri Jackson Sue Dobinson Tampa 1994
1995-1996 Linda Sims Joan Cannon Teresa Stanton Dorothy Brening Ft. Lauderdale 1995
1996-1997* Joan Cannon Donna Haverkamp Linda Datko Teresa Farley Tallahassee 1996
1997-1998* Donna Haverkamp Jeanne Underhill Linda Datko Rebecca Frank Melbourne 1997
1998-1999 Jeanne Underhill Norma Wise Doris Morgan Rebecca Frank Clearwater 1998
1999-2000 Norma Wise Nancy Thomas Doris Morgan Faye Osebold Palm Beach 1999
2000-2001 Nancy Thomas Rebecca Frank Linda Datko Faye Osebold St. Petersburg Beach 2000
2001-2002 Rebecca Frank Susan Szymula Linda Datko Sara Jones Ft. Walton Beach 2001
2002-2003 + Susan Szymula Teresa Farley Nancy Thomas Sara Jones Ft. Lauderdale 2002
  Teresa Farley Linda Sims        
2003-2004 Linda Sims Sara Jones Nancy Thomas Donna Haverkamp Miami/Hollywood 2003
2004-2005 Sara Jones Nancy Thomas Linda Datko Donna Haverkamp Palm Beach 2004
2005-2006 Nancy Thomas Debbie Angerman Linda Datko Sue Ernst Palm Beach 2005
2006-2007 Debbie Angerman Teresa Farley Judy Brand Sue Ernst Tallahassee 2006
2007-2008 Teresa Farley Norma Wise Judy Brand Donna Haverkamp Tallahassee 2007
2008-2009 Norma Wise Sue Ernst Linda Datko Donna Haverkamp Palm Beach 2008
2009-2010 Sue Ernst Linda Sims Linda Datko Kelly Devlin Tampa 2009
2010-2011 Linda Sims Jessica Zairo Riggins Joan Blaylock Kelly Devlin Jacksonville 2010
2011-2012 Kelly Devlin Sara Jones Linda Datko Arlene Elias Jacksonville         2011
2012-2013 Sara Jones Sharon Radoopersad Linda Datko Arlene Elias West Palm Beach 2012
2013-2014 Sharon Radoopersad Raymond Hancock Linda Datko Teresa Farley West Palm Beach 2013
2014-2015 Raymond Hancock Michelle Howard Carol Hoots Teresa Farley Sebring 2014
2015-2016 Michelle Howard Kelly Devlin Carol Hoots Bud Maurer Bay County

2016-2017  Kelly Devlin  Teresa Farley Carol Hoots  Bud Maurer  Polk County                                                                                   2016
+ 2002-2003            
Usually the VP/PE from the previous year becomes president.  Jan Cara, who served as 2001-02 VP/PE, called Rebecca the first week of  October 2002 to decline the office of president.  Susan Szymula, who was elected to be the VP/PE for 2002-2003, was installed as president at the Oct. 2002 annual meeting.  Teresa Farley was nominated to be VP/PE at the Oct. 2002 annual meeting and elected by special election. On Dec. 20, 2002, Susan resigned as president because she was leaving the law library and Teresa became president. A special election was held in June 2003 to elect Linda Sims to fill the ofice of VP/PE.