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FSCCLL History of Officers & Conference Locations
  PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Conference                                                                                   Year
1978         Tallahassee 1978
1979         Miami 1979
1980         St. Petersburg 1980
1981         Winter Park 1981
1982-1983 Martha Otting  George McFarland Jan Cara Sarilou Young  Daytona Beach 1982
1983-1984 George McFarland Robert Wallace Nancy Tabler John Vanston Tallahassee 1983
1984-1985 Robert Wallace Mary Cuttler Nancy Tabler Jeanne Underhill Ft. Lauderdale 1984
1985-1986 Mary Cuttler Nancy Tabler Pat Spaulding Jeanne Underhill Sarasota 1985
1986-1987 Nancy Tabler Cheryl Rovinelli Johanna Porpiglia Jeanne Underhill Tampa 1986
1987-1988 Cheryl Rovinelli Rae Mastropierro Judy Brand Donna Barnes Lakeland 1987
1988-1989 Rae Mastropierro Johanna Porpiglia Nadine Doty-Tessel Alice Snyder Palm Beach 1988
1989-1990 Johanna Porpiglia Nadine Doty-Tessel Pamela Bagby Jeanne Underhill Daytona Beach 1989
1990-1991 Nadine Doty-Tessel Ann Kaklamanos Debra Mack Jeanne Underhill Jacksonville 1990
1991-1992 Ann Kaklamanos Jeanne Underhill Faye Osebold Linda Sims Tallahassee 1991
1992-1993 Jeanne Underhill Ann Kaklamanos Faye Osebold Linda Sims Palm Beach 1992
1993-1994 Ann Kaklamanos Judy Brand Dororhy Brenng Sonia Falgoust Ft. Pierce 1993
1994-1995 Judy Brand Linda Sims Terri Jackson Sue Dobinson Tampa 1994
1995-1996 Linda Sims Joan Cannon Teresa Stanton Dorothy Brening Ft. Lauderdale 1995
1996-1997* Joan Cannon Donna Haverkamp Linda Datko Teresa Farley Tallahassee 1996
1997-1998* Donna Haverkamp Jeanne Underhill Linda Datko Rebecca Frank Melbourne 1997
1998-1999 Jeanne Underhill Norma Wise Doris Morgan Rebecca Frank Clearwater 1998
1999-2000 Norma Wise Nancy Thomas Doris Morgan Faye Osebold Palm Beach 1999
2000-2001 Nancy Thomas Rebecca Frank Linda Datko Faye Osebold St. Petersburg Beach 2000
2001-2002 Rebecca Frank Susan Szymula Linda Datko Sara Jones Ft. Walton Beach 2001
2002-2003 + Susan Szymula Teresa Farley Nancy Thomas Sara Jones Ft. Lauderdale 2002
  Teresa Farley Linda Sims        
2003-2004 Linda Sims Sara Jones Nancy Thomas Donna Haverkamp Miami/Hollywood 2003
2004-2005 Sara Jones Nancy Thomas Linda Datko Donna Haverkamp Palm Beach 2004
2005-2006 Nancy Thomas Debbie Angerman Linda Datko Sue Ernst Palm Beach 2005
2006-2007 Debbie Angerman Teresa Farley Judy Brand Sue Ernst Tallahassee 2006
2007-2008 Teresa Farley Norma Wise Judy Brand Donna Haverkamp Tallahassee 2007
2008-2009 Norma Wise Sue Ernst Linda Datko Donna Haverkamp Palm Beach 2008
2009-2010 Sue Ernst Linda Sims Linda Datko Kelly Devlin Tampa 2009
2010-2011 Linda Sims Jessica Zairo Riggins Joan Blaylock Kelly Devlin Jacksonville 2010
2011-2012 Kelly Devlin Sara Jones Linda Datko Arlene Elias Jacksonville         2011
2012-2013 Sara Jones Sharon Radoopersad Linda Datko Arlene Elias West Palm Beach 2012
2013-2014 Sharon Radoopersad Raymond Hancock Linda Datko Teresa Farley West Palm Beach 2013
2014-2015 Raymond Hancock Michelle Howard Carol Hoots Teresa Farley Sebring 2014
2015-2016 Michelle Howard Kelly Devlin Carol Hoots Bud Maurer Bay County
Kelly Devlin
Teresa Farley
Teresa Farley
Norma Wise
Carol Hoots
Carol Hoots    
Bud Maurer
Bud Maurer
Polk County
Palm Beach County

+ 2002-2003
Usually the VP/PE from the previous year becomes president.  Jan Cara, who served as 2001-02 VP/PE, called Rebecca the first week of  October 2002 to decline the office of president.  Susan Szymula, who was elected to be the VP/PE for 2002-2003, was installed as president at the Oct. 2002 annual meeting.  Teresa Farley was nominated to be VP/PE at the Oct. 2002 annual meeting and elected by special election. On Dec. 20, 2002, Susan resigned as president because she was leaving the law library and Teresa became president. A special election was held in June 2003 to elect Linda Sims to fill the ofice of VP/PE.