The Florida State, Court & County Law Libraries, Inc.



            On August 10-12, 1978, there met in Tallahassee, under the auspices of the Supreme Court Library, a group of librarians from State, County and Court libraries throughout Florida. At this meeting it was decided to organize an informal association for the purpose of contributing more fully to the administration of justice in the State of Florida by furthering the profession of law librarianship among its members.  A steering committee was appointed and it was tentatively decided to meet annually.  There were 21 registrants at this meeting.


            The 2nd annual meeting of the group was held in Miami on October 18-20, 1979.  At this meeting, among other things, the group of 25 members chose to name the group the Florida State, Court, and County Law Library Association (FSCCLL), and an interim steering committee, comprised of Jo Dowling and Brian Polley, both of the Supreme Court, was appointed.


            There were 32 registrants for the 3rd annual meeting in St. Petersburg, October 10-12, 1980.  By this time the group was becoming more cohesive and formal organization was spoken of more and more.


            At the 4th annual meeting at Winter Park, October 16-18, 1981, a salary survey and education survey was conducted.  There was considerable discusion of funding methods and the hierarchical organization of the various county law libraries.  At this meeting it was decided to incorporate as a non-profit corporation and Jeanne Underhill was appointed to prepare Articles of Incorporation.  Interim dues of $5.00 per person were assessed and Sarilou Young was chosen as interim treasurer.  There were 21 registrants.


            The Articles of Incorporation were signed by the incorporators Brian S. Polley, Joan D. Cannon and Jo A. Dowling on June 7, 1982, and were filed with the Florida Secretary of State on the same day.  The first Board of Directors was composed of Martha Otting, George McFarland, Jan Cara and Sarilou Young.


            An election was subsequently held as a result of which Martha Otting became President; George McFarland, Vice-President/President-Elect; Jan Cara, Secretary; Sarilou Young, Treasurer.  The new corporation was named the Florida State, Court and County Law Libraries, Inc. and began its existence with 28 charter members.


            At the 5th annual meeting, October 15-17, 1982, in Daytona Beach, the first group of officers was formally installed.  A set of bylaws was adopted at this meeting, standing committees were appointed, and the organization began its active corporate life.  At this time we had 28 paid members and 22 registrants at the meeting.


            The 6th annual meeting was held once again in Tallahassee on October 20-22, 1983. The bylaws now provided for associate members and among the 30 registrants for this meeting were many law firm librarians and other persons interested in law librarianship in various capacities.  It was announced that we had 59 paid members.


            The 7th annual meeting, the theme of which was “Planning for Change” was held at the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale on October 11-13, 1984.  This was a joint meeting with the members of the South Florida Association of Law Libraries (SFALL), a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).  At the time of the meeting the membership had grown to 64.


            The 8th annual meeting was held in Sarasota on October 10-12, 1985, at the Sheraton Sandcastle on Lido Beach.  The theme was “Law Libraries and the Public”, with emphasis on being helpful without ”practicing law”.  The main speaker was Henry Trawick, Attorney at Law, and author of Trawick’s Florida Practice and Procedure.  There were 70 members present and it was announced that our membership was now 79.  The membership voted to co-host a seminar with SFALL on March 5-8, 1986, in Miami Beach.


            The 9th annual meeting was held in Tampa on October 16-18, 1986, and was hosted by the Central Florida Association of Law Libraries (CFALL).  At this meeting the possibility of a statewide organization to be a chapter of AALL was mentioned.  It was agreed that the Board of Officers would work with Alcyone Hart on this project. The meeting was held at the Lincoln Hotel and our membership had grown to 96.


            The 10th annual meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in Lakeland on October 15-17, 1987.  It was noted that we had a membership of 74 this year.  The theme was “Practical Law Library Cataloging, Automation & Networking”, with 33 registrants attending.  At this meeting the membership voted to create a scholarship fund not to exceed $200.00 to assist those members who desired to attend the annual meetings, but were unable because finances were not available.  The membership adopted a standing rule regarding the accountability of conference funds.  Several members agreed to serve as a steering committee for the Florida Association of Law Libraries (FALL).


            The 11th annual meeting was held at the Brazilian Court in Palm Beach on October 13-15, 1988.  The theme was “Appellate Court?”  with 47 members attending.  Membership had now reached 106.  At this meeting dues were raised to $10.00; new directories were distributed; and 2 scholarships were awarded.  We would have 4 issues of the Newsletter in the coming year and guidelines and a standing rule were adopted regarding the scholarship fund.  After the business meeting, the steering committee of FALL conducted a meeting.


            The 12th annual meeting was held at the Marriott Hotel in Daytona Beach on October 12-14, 1989.  50 members were registered.  Topics presented were: “The Cutting Edge in Legal Research”, “Law Office Techniques From a Small Practitioner”, “Library Technology in the 90's”, “Secrets in Banking Law”, and “Trials and Tribulations of a Law Firm Librarian” with a question and answer panel.  Membership remained at 106.


            The 13th annual meeting was held at the Omni International Hotel in Jacksonville on October 4-6, 1990.  40 members were registered.  Topics presented were book repairing and restoration techniques.  Membership is now at 72 members.



            The 14th annual meeting was held in Tallahassee on October 10-12, 1991.  The theme of the meeting centered around the role of legal libraries and their relationship to the Freedom of Information Act and the Florida Public Records Act.  Members stayed at the Ramada Inn North.  There was a visit to the Pebble Hill Plantation and tours of the Florida State Archives and the Supreme Court Library.  Financing for the annual meeting was a topic of discussion.  Membership stood at 63 for 1990-91.


            The 15th annual meeting was held in Palm Beach on October 15-17, 1992.  Members stayed at the Brazilian Court. There was an  opening reception at the 4th DCA and a beautiful dinner at the Breakers Hotel.  There was a session on Administrative Law and a successful roundtable discussion.  The association aided 2 members affected by Hurricane Andrew.


            The 16th annual meeting was held in Fort Pierce on October 14-16, 1993.  Sessions at the North Hutchinson Island Holiday Inn covered CD-ROM in the multi-user library, sick buildings, and serving the pro se patron.  Officers were installed at the dinner at the Pelican Yacht Club.  At the business meeting a motion carried to let the scholarships cover travel expenses up to $100 and be available to life members.  Over 50 of the 58 members listed in the membership directory attended.


            The 17th annual meeting was held in Tampa on October 13-15, 1994.  31 members stayed at the Guest Quarters Hotel.  Martha Otting lead a lovely candlelight ceremony to install the new officers.  Meeting topics included recycling, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and CD-ROM technology.


            The 18th annual meeting was held in Ft. Lauderdale on October 5-7, 1995.  The theme of the meeting at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. was “Getting More for Less”.  The roundtable discussion topics covered cutting subscription costs, the Florida Administrative Code, sales tax, and raising revenue.  Elizabeth Curry, SEFLIN Executive Director, spoke on electronic consortia networking and the Internet.  Marie Moisdon from the Broward County Public Library discussed legal and government sources on the Internet.  The 39 registrants got to tour the new Broward County Law Library.  The membership included 61 active members, 6 life members and 14 associate members for a total of 81 members.


            The  19th annual meeting was held in Tallahassee on October 17-19, 1996.  The membership voted to amend the bylaws to begin the fiscal year on October 1 and to have 2 year terms for the offices of secretary and treasurer.  25 members attended sessions on the Legislative Library, the Florida Archives, and the Florida Supreme Court’s Internet Public Service Project. 



            The 20th annual meeting, “New Directions for Florida Libraries”,  was held in Melbourne on October 16-18, 1997.  20 members attended the meeting where library funding was a major topic.   Presentations at the meeting included the internet, vendor neutral citation systems, and a discussion of how to handle reference requests.  The results of the salary survey were discussed.  The membership of 68 included  52 active members, 9 life members and 7 associate members.


            The 21st annual meeting, “Honoring Traditions & Creating New Ones”,  was held in Clearwater on October 1-3, 1998,  at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel and Resort.  FSCCLL created a special committee headed by Jeanne Underhill to research the issues of library funding and the effect of the revision 7 amendment to the state constitution.  Donna Haverkamp was working on a procedures manual for the officers and committee chairs.  Topics covered included advanced Internet searches, unlicensed practice of law as it relates to librarians, and the long range strategic plan for the Florida courts.  Membership stands at 66.


            The 22nd annual meeting, “...Changes for the Next Millennium”,  was held in Palm Beach on October 7-9,1999.  Jeanne Underhill circulated copies of the strategic plan developed by her committee that was submitted to the Supreme Court of Florida.  The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Sabrina Pacifici, the editor of “Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX.com) on the Internet.  After lunch, “cowman” Judge Nelson E. Bailey kept us awake with his tales of Florida’s history and by cracking his 18 foot whip.  We danced the night away with entertainment by “Vinnie”.  The 1997-98 membership included 55 active members, 6 life members, and 5 associate members.


            The 23rd annual meeting was held in St. Petersburg Beach on October 5-7, 2000. The implementation of Revision 7 and the effect it will have on county law libraries was a major concern.  The highlight of the program was a presentation by John Dew from the Office of the State Court Administration on Revision 7 and what it means to us.  Other presentations dealt with running our libraries as a business, news from Librarian Relations at West Group, and a demonstration of LexisOne,    We started using email to send news to the membership.  


            The 24th annual meeting was held in Ft. Walton Beach on October 11-13, 2001.  The theme was “Public Access”, with speakers covering the Sunshine Law, Pro Se Litigants, and Electronic Access.  The tragic events in September and difficult travel arrangements may have had an effect on registration, since only 15 people attended. 



            The 25th annual meeting, highlighted by The Founders Banquet, was held at the Riverside Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale on October 10-12, 2002.  Twenty more librarians, including members of SFALL, joined 18 FSCCLL members for Working Better and Working Faster, Rita Vine’s all day workshop on advanced Internet search techniques. 


            The 26th annual meeting was hosted by the Miami-Dade County Law Library on October 16-18, 2003.  The program, “Article V, revision 7 - Challenges and Opportunities”, was held in Miami and included speakers from the local court and the county.  24 members attended the meeting.  The business meeting was held at the conference hotel, the Holiday Inn in Hollywood.

Our scholarship program was named “The Bob Wallace Scholarship”.


            The 27th annual meeting was held at the Marriott Hotel in West Palm Beach on October 14-16, 2004.  State Representative Joe Negron was a featured speaker for “Revision 7 Survivors, First Episode”.


            The 28th annual meeting, “Strategies for Moving On”, was again held at the Marriott in West Palm Beach on October 13-15, 2005.  Linda Sims & Sara Jones arranged presentations on quality customer service, vendor assistance, how to deal with pro se litigants and book repair.  We were able to socialize at the luncheon at the Governors Club and at the dinner at Roxy’s. !9 members attended the Saturday business meeting where we decided to accept the revised bylaws and close the book on our lobbyist problem. Membership stands at 37 active members.


            The 29th annual meeting, “Is Everything Really Online?  Paper v. Electronic: A Quest for the Perfect Balance”, was held On October 12-14, 2006 in Tallahassee.  27 people, representing 16 law libraries, attended the conference.  This year we welcomed 10 new members, including our first student member and a 3rd generation member.  We visited the Legislative Library Service and the Florida State Archives. 


            The 30th annual meeting was hosted again by the Florida Supreme Court Library on October 11-13, 2007.  Our theme of “Embracing Our Future” was highlighted by Dr. Christie Koontz from the FSU College of Information and State Courts Administrator Lisa Goodner.  Mary McCormick continues to collect data on the status of law library revenue.  


            The 31st annual meeting was held in West Palm Beach on October 9-11, 2008.  22 members, representing 17 law libraries, attended the meeting, “Restructuring and Moving Forward”.  5 judges participated in the conference, addressing subjects from circuit court matters to dealing with foreclosures.   


            The 32nd annual meeting was held at the Tampa Downtown Hyatt on October 8-10, 2009.  Twelve members representing 10 law libraries attended.  There was a discussion of the Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC09-30.   An outreach program was created and  Jessica Riggins is working on a website. 


            The 33rd annual meeting was held in Jacksonville at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel on October 14-16, 2010.  Seventeen members representing 15 libraries listened to presentations dealing with our theme of “It’s All in the Details”.  Our website is almost ready to go live.  The speakers came from the Federal Public Defenders, Legal Aid and Lexis. Properly dressed members were able to take a hard hat tour of the new Duval County Courthouse.


The 34th annual meeting was held in Jacksonville.

The 35th annual meeting was held in Palm Beach.

The 36th annual meeting was held in Palm Beach.

The 37th annual meeting was held in Sebring.

The 38th annual meeting was held in Bartow.

The 39th annual meeting was held in Panama City.