Florida State, Court & County Law Libraries, Inc.


A Florida Corporation




            A.  Active Members.  Any person within the State of Florida who is a member of the staff of  a State, Court or County Law Library may become an active member upon payment of the annual dues.


            B.  Life Members.  Any active member now retired from a State, Court or County Law Library or any active member who has attained the age of 65 may become a life member without payment of the annual dues.


            C.  Associate Members.  Any person within the State of Florida who is not eligible to be an active member but has a significant interest in law librarianship, or any person outside the State of Florida may become an associate member upon payment of the annual dues.


            D.  Student Members.  Any person officially enrolled at least half-time in a program leading to a degree in library science may become a student member upon payment of the annual dues, provided that membership in this category is limited to 5 consecutive years.


            E.  Dues.

                    (1) The annual dues for active and associate members shall be $15.00.

                    (2) The annual dues for student members shall be $10.00.

                    (3) The fiscal year shall run from October 1 to September 30.

                    (4) Members failing to pay dues within 90 days of the start of the fiscal year shall be suspended.  A suspended membership shall be restored upon payment of dues for the current year.


             F.  Rights and Privileges.

                    (1) The right to hold office shall be restricted to active and life members who have been members of the association for at least one year.

                    (2) The right to vote shall be restricted to active and life members.

                    (3) All members have the privilege to receive the FSCCLL newsletter and membership directory.


            G.  Notice to Members.  Whenever these Bylaws require notice be given to members, such notice shall be given by mailing printed or written notice to the member’s postal address of record, by sending e-mail to the member’s e-mail address of record, or sending electronically transmitted facsimile copy (fax) to the member’s fax number of record.  



ARTICLE II.  MEETINGS.                


            A.  Regular Meetings.  An annual meeting shall be held in October of each year at such time and place as the officers designate.  Installation of new officers shall take place at this meeting.


            B.  Conduct of Business.  STURGIS’ STANDARD CODE OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE, latest edition, shall govern all deliberations at meetings.


            C.  Quorum.  Thirty (30) per cent of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum.


            D.  The affairs of the organization shall be conducted by the majority vote of members voting unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws.


            E.  The Board of Directors shall have the authority to hold a mid-year executive meeting and any other meetings deemed necessary during the fiscal year. The Board of Directors shall have sole power, on behalf of the Corporation, or any of its committees or subunits, to incur indebtedness, solicit funding, make public statements, issue public writings and establish and maintain relations with other organizations.





            A.  Terms of Office.  The officers of the corporation shall together act as the Board of Directors and include the following.

                    (1) President who serves a one year term.

                    (2) Vice President / President-Elect who serves one year as Vice-President followed by one year as President.

                    (3) Secretary who is elected in even years for a two year term.

                    (4) Treasurer who is elected in odd years for a two year term.


            No officer may be elected by the membership to serve 2 consecutive terms in the same office.  Any officer can be removed at any time for cause by a majority vote of the remaining officers.


            B.  Nominating Committee.  The president shall appoint a nominating committee who shall submit the names of the candidate or candidates for the following offices to the president by August 1 of the year in which the officer is elected.

                    (1) Vice President / President-Elect.

                    (2) Secretary.

                    (3) Treasurer.


            C.  Additional Nominations.  Additional nominations of interested eligible persons may be made by any member by communicating such nomination to the chair of the nominating committee prior to August 1.


            D.  Method of Election.  The nominating committee shall  send ballots to all  active and life members by August 15.  Ballots must be returned by mail within thirty (30) days.  The candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.  The winner of a tie vote shall be determined by lot conducted by the chair of the nominating committee.  The membership is to be notified by the secretary of the outcome of the election.


            E. Filling Vacancies. 

                    (1)  The Board of Directors shall have the power to fill a vacancy in the elected offices of secretary and treasurer.  The appointed person shall serve the remainder of the term of that office.
                    (2)  In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of the president, the vice president / president elect shall automatically assume the office of president for the remainder of the term plus one year.
                    (3) If the office of vice president becomes vacant between the annual meeting and the following June 30, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy.
                    (4)  If the office of vice president becomes vacant between July 1 and August 15, or it becomes known that the vice president cannot assume the duties of the president, then the nominating committee shall also present candidates to serve for a one year term of president.  The office of vice president may remain vacant from July 1 until the installation of officers at the October annual meeting.
                    (5)  If the sitting vice president / president-elect resigns between the August elections and the October annual meeting, the newly elected vice president will assume the office of president at the annual meeting. A special election will be held to elect a new vice president.




            F.  Method of Special Elections.

                    (1) Candidates for a special election will be selected by the Board of Directors.
                    (2) At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a special election may be held in the same manner as other elections or by a voice vote at a meeting of the membership.
                    (3) Special elections shall be held within 60 days of the occurrence of a vacancy.




            A.  Standing or Special Committees.  There shall be such standing or special committees as the Board of Directors or the membership shall create.


            B.  Committee Chairmen.  The president shall appoint the chair of such committees.


            C.  Committee Members.  Each chair may appoint committee members.




            A.  Notice.  Any proposed amendment to the Bylaws shall be filed with the president and secretary, in writing, at least sixty (60) days before a meeting of the corporation, and notice shall be sent to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the balloting. 


            B.  Adoption.  Any Bylaws may be adopted, amended, suspended or rescinded by a two-thirds vote of the members voting in a ballot conducted by mail or voting at a meeting of this corporation.





            Membership in the corporation or participation in any activity of the corporation shall not be denied to any individual, or abridged, on account of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Revised 10/17/2012