About Us

We are group of people who want to have fun with our dogs while being also being competitive in our sport. We race under United Flyball League International (U-Fli).  We occasionally offer formal Flyball training classes, but we always have weekly team practices where we work together to train our dogs. If interested in joining us or just to watch and see if it will something you and your dog might be interested in. You are welcome to come on out and play. We practice on Sunday mornings, usually at 8:00 a.m. at the Animal Resource Center/New Leash on Life building. Please join our google group, Oklahoma weather is never predictable, so cancellations are usually at last minute. Please check your e-mail before you head out to practice. The Google Group sign up box is located at the bottom of the home page.
Directions to training and tournament locations can be found on the Maps page

Things to bring to practice: Harness or flat collar, 6-4 ft nylon or leather leash, favorite toys and treats, water, crate (car will work depending on the weather)