February 10-12 2017
Pennsylvania's Only Fat Bike Only Weekend

Photo Credit: SAW Photography

Brethren of Fat,

Now in our sixth year, Frozen Fat, is back to it's old roots......  FUN

We have several changes to the weekend format
-Camping at Greenwood Furnace w/ warming hut.
-12 mile night ride Friday to McMurtries
-15 & 30 mile rides Saturday
-Later date with the hopes of ideal winter conditions

Once again expect to be unreasonably cold and terribly uncomfortable....than everything else will seem normal. 

Despite some changes Frozen Fat is always going to be a wild weekend of fatbike camaraderie where the winner isn't always the idiot with the $7000 fatbike who recently shaved every hair in an effort to get things lighter, but rather the rider who is simply the best at having fun. 

 Sure there is are two fat bike rides that will leave most riders wishing they had ridden more but will still have them crawling away with a smile. A few will revel in the slick ice covered climbs and steep snowy descents, remembering not to ride the bike but rather become one with it.  

Traditional race dynamics suck and so do classes so race what you want and ride what you will.  There are also wheelie contests, seizure inducing derbies, frozen fat bike polo, sled pulls, costumed cops and jesters, craft beer and other arguably stupid activities. 

Have tires less than 3.0" than stay home? Don't bother callin, coming, rubbin, or racin. 

So after reading the above if you still think it is a good idea to attend. I sincerely hope to See you there-
                                        Evan G. 

"m'dare fat tires fer snow ridin er somethin'?"