Media coverage

An image from the 2013 PNAS paper as the Biomedical Picture of the Day in the Medical Research Center, UK

Popular press coverage of Science 2011 article

Here are some links (the pieces from The-Scientist and from ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, are the more accurate depictions of the research):


The Scientist 

Medical News Net

The Why Files  (a World Wide Web magazine, founded by the National Science Foundation)


Le Nouvel Observateur (French Newspaper)

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) (the only words that I understand are Wolbachia and Frydman)

Russian Medical News agency

Spectrum (German news service) (Netherlands popular science news multimedia agency)

ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata, is the leading wire service in Italy 

Più sani Più Belli (Italian health magazine, I have no idea why they are covering this research. May be they think Wolbachia is beautiful :)

Galileo (Italian popular science journal)

eBiotrade (China biotechnology news, the only thing readable is the title of the paper in the bottom)

Horacio Frydman,
Jul 12, 2012, 6:06 PM