The road to Frugaldom

Frugaldom is a social enterprise project located in Dumfries & Galloway region of southwest Scotland. We operate within the charter guidelines of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.

The entire principle of Frugaldom is to pursue life and work in as self-sustainable a manner as possible. We redusce, reuse and recycle, we carry out beach cleans, create environmental art and we are developing a sustainable fruit and herb farm while planting native woodlands, hedgerow and willows for coppicing. We also have several rehomed ponies and chickens to feed and care for, so every penny counts. The ponies help us clear and maintain the land and will be used for conservation grazing on the moorgrass and rush pastures we are bringing back into use. The hens are happy freeranging and scratching through the manure heaps that we use for fertilising the land. 

Our outdoor project embraces freedom, creativity, self-sustainability, heritage and nature. 

Rehomed chickens and ponies at Frugaldom
We run this Frugal Shop site in the hope of raising contributions towards the running costs of the free to access frugal sites, forums, blogs, chat room and, of course, the Frugaldom project itself. 

As part of Frugaldom, we also offer caravan holidays via our sister site, Frugal Breaks, which operates in several locations, offering heavily discounted holiday accommodation to members who would like to enjoy the opportunity of an escape to the country and a visit to the Frugaldom project.

Our Facebook based Frugal Living Challenge offers free information, encouragement and support to those attempting to spend and save their way to debt freedom and pursue a happier, healthier lifestyle. It's good to know that we can be of some help, no matter how little it may be. You can join us in our Facebook group and start sharing your journey with other like-minded frugalers.

The websites, blogs, forums, chat room and, indeed, the entire Frugaldom Project, is being run as a not-for-profits, social enterprise, so whatever funds can be raised through this site and affiliated links, sponsors or advertisers, contributes to the development of the project and helps keep the rescue ponies and hens. We also offer surplus to requirement or handmade goods for sale, exchange or as part of the pay it forward system. In 2015, we introduced our official ' Friends of Frugaldom' option for members who would like to get more involved.

We accept voluntary contributions. If you prefer, you can help support the project here, via PayPal.

Every penny raised contributes towards maintaining and developing the project. We run various fundraisers throughout the year so feel free to follow @Frugaldom on Twitter and/or like and follow our Frugaldom Facebook page to keep up to date with what's happening, where and when.

Thank you for your interest in Frugaldom. 

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