Food Shopping

posted 4 Apr 2014, 14:17 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 14:52 ]
Muscle Food

This is an on-going offer courtesy of Musclefood, whose friend referral link I am sharing with you here.

I discovered this company in 2013 after discussing the price of chicken with my body-building youngest, who has now fledged the nest and buying his own food! I signed up as a customer, despite NOT being in any way a muscle woman or fitness fanatic. New customers have several introductory offers available to them as well as the above free chicken added your first order. Then you can collect loyalty points that get you more freebies. Share your friend referral link and get more freebies. Write reviews for points that add up to more freebies... you get the picture.

As if all of that wasn't enough, free delivery for orders over £75 - share with friends & relatives to make up the value - or else pay as little as £3.95 for chilled overnight delivery on smaller orders.

Once you become a customer MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL NEWSLETTERS... because that's where the BIG savings come into play. I've had packs of Norfolk turkey mince at £1 per 400g and also bagged myself 10 x 400g lean minced beef at £1 per pack. Talk about budget busting muscle building?  My biceps and quadriceps are developing from all this bending into the freezer to get meat out for dinner! Fabulous for us ruralites who have no shops nearby!

Approved Food

Approved Food sells short dated and past BBE (Best Before End) long shelf life foods that can last many months or even years. Dried goods, tinned goods, packets and jars... most have dates on them to show optimum quality for sales but these dates do not represent the use-by dates for health and safety. All foods sold on this site are Approved and can save food shoppers fortunes over time. Check out their latest food bargains regularly as stock changes daily.