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Friends of Frugaldom

Frugaldom is a Scottish based social enterprise where we are planting trees, growing herbs, creating new orchards and cultivating willow and bog myrtle. Wrapped around this we have a track system being created naturally by our rehomed rescue ponies. This track and surrounding features will be dedicated to the now extinct Galloway ponies. 

The entire principle of Frugaldom is to pursue self-sustainability in an environmentally aware manner, combining the Arts with nature, heritage and our rehomed rescue ponies. 

Frugaldom is a place we want to share with you all, so we now offer members the opportunity to visit and experience Frugaldom. Whether your interests lie in tree planting, ponies, wildlife, foraging, apple picking or simply escaping to find your creative side as a writer, artist or crafter, becoming official 'Friends of Frugaldom' can offer you some unique opportunities.

Joining us as official 'Friends of Frugaldom' offers that little bit extra - come and make memories at Frugaldom.

Your contributions help plant trees, sow seeds, clear land, create environmental artwork, and improve natural habitat, wetlands and grasslands that will, in turn, encourage wildlife. Your support contributes towards the care and feeding of our rescued and rehomed ponies - some members choose to sponsor their favourite pony at the project. Official friendships, sponsorships and donations help contribute towards the overall development, maintenance and running costs of the project, which now has several fabulous holiday options for members to enjoy a longer visit.

You can follow our progress online or, if you choose, arrange a visit to experience Frugaldom for yourself. You will be helping to drive this project forward and ensure its survival, whilst also supporting new developments being put in place to help us create a sanctuary space that can be enjoyed by all who care to share it. 

Official 'Friends of Frugaldom' can benefit from greatly discounted, frugal breaks in our holiday park caravans, in our holiday cottage or even by taking the opportunity to join us at one of our summer camps or other events.

Whether you choose to use Frugaldom as a source of inspiration, a rural escape, an opportunity to work the land or a place to learn, our project is mostly about freedom - the freedom to aspire to be all you can be. 

The Frugaldom Ponies

Rehomed ponies at Frugaldom

We currently have 5 rehomed ponies: Willow, Frankie, Pippin, Dobbin and Ginger. Willow is our medicine hat 'spirit pony' who loves everyone. Frankie, Pippin and Dobbin are all hoping to find a few more sponsors and Ginger is our grumpy old man of unknown age (25+) who suffers from the incurable illness known as PPID (Cushings). We will never know what horrors Ginger endured during his time spent at the hell hole known as Spindles Farm but what we do know is that he survived where many others did not. He more than deserves a safe and happy retirement and has some wonderful sponsors helping us see him through his golden years.

Creel ponies and trashart duck

ECOARTS: Transforming trash into environmental artwork that can be displayed as a fun way of demonstrating recycling or can be offered fro sale to help generate funds for Frugaldom. Help support the project in any way you can - perhaps you may even like to create your own artwork at Frugaldom!


We are a social enterprise. We are not a charity, nor do we have financial backing. We are simply frugal living enthusiasts fortunate enough to happen upon this wonderful opportunity to create something great that can live on forever. We accept voluntary contributions if you would prefer not to join us as official 'Friends of Frugaldom', or you can donate a few hours of your time volunteering. Otherwise, a small, monthly payment is all we ask, from as little as £5 per person. (Annual option available.)

We operate a frugal breaks programme where members can holiday nearby and visit Frugaldom. We accept sponsorships that help us care for the rehomed ponies and we appreciate corporate sponsorship for individual projects at Frugaldom.

We firmly believe that we can create a great project on a frugal budget, but it all takes time, effort and the support of as many friends as we can muster. We are putting all of these ingredients into making this dream a reality. 

Join us on our journey, as 'Friends of Frugaldom' from as little as £5 per month - we can probably save you at least that if you take part in our online frugal living, moneysaving challenges.

"Frugaldom gives me a reason to get up each morning!"

Frugaldom is about freedom, creativity, heritage, nature and the environment. Frugaldom is about doing good and feeling good. The land at the outdoor project was previously clear felled, so this needs to be tended and brought back into use as pasture and working woodland, preferably with wild flowers and native hedgerow that includes hawthorn, holly, dog rose, elder, hazel and blackthorn (sloe). These hedges will, in years to come, provide foraging areas for fruit, nuts and berries, while also encouraging wildlife back into this little corner of south west Scotland. They can also provide a shelter belt for our ponies and wildlife alike.

We began planting new woodlands of mixed native trees, such as oak, birch, hazel, willow, field maple and rowan, interspersed with crab apple and wild cherry trees, in November 2014. As part of the Woodland Trust's World War 1 Centenary Woodlands project, Frugaldom was awarded tree packs in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to take part in the creation of a living memorial woodland, commemorating the people and the animals whose lives were lost in the fight to defend our freedom during World War I.

We have introduced our 'sponsor a tree' option, along with the opportunity to 'tag a post' on the main corral, or around the paddocks, tracks, gardens and orchards. Each area of Frugaldom will be fenced in locally sourced larch wood, rather than wire, so tagging a post helps cover our costs and provides a unique way of showing your added support.

We will be developing the swathes of bog myrtle, encouraging the sphagnum mosses, cultivating the existing fruit trees and expanding on the willow beds by planting fast-growing varieties that can be harvested as weaving materials for willow sculptures, hurdles, basketry and sustainable biofuel.

We aspire to become a zero waste enterprise, very much focussing on the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos, but we need your help to turn this little piece of wilderness into a wonderland. Water is harvested from the barn roof, power is generated from portable solar and nothing is being wilfully wasted.

The Galloway

Based in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, our heritage project is also one that should interest many who visit in the future.


Galloway Ponies: Stretching back several hundred years, it traces the history of modern day Thoroughbreds to the very roots of their racing existence - the native Galloway ponies that roamed these hills and lowlands before being dispersed throughout the world to become the progenitors of today's finest horses. Plans include an eco arts sculpture park set within an area designated specifically to the Galloway heritage.

Galloway Pippins: In 2016 we begin planting the first of the new orchard of Galloway Pippin apple trees, a dual purpose  heritage variety first recorded in 1871 in nearby Wigtown, Scotland's national book town. In 2018 we began harvesting apples to made apple cider vinegar.

Galloway Cattle: Although we don't have grazing for cattle and horses, the locality has plenty to offer, with several breeders nearby, plus our ecoarts sculpture trail will be displaying its own type of Belted Galloways, created at Frugaldom from wild wood and willow.

Friends of Frugaldom can benefit from hugely discounted frugal breaks*, as we now have our own holiday accommodation nearby, offering you the chance to escape to the country and experience Frugaldom for yourself.

We run various fundraisers throughout the year so feel free to follow @Frugaldom on Twitter and/or like and follow our Facebook page at Frugaldom to keep up to date with what's happening, where and when. If you would just like to donate, we can accept PayPal payents directly to

Thank you for your interest in Frugaldom. 

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