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posted 17 Dec 2015, 16:06 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 4 Jan 2019, 19:18 ]


Friends of Frugaldom

Frugaldom is a Scottish based social enterprise where we are planting trees, growing herbs, creating new orchards and cultivating willow and bog myrtle. Wrapped around this we have a track system being created naturally by our rehomed rescue ponies. This track and surrounding features will be dedicated to the now extinct Galloway ponies. 

The entire principle of Frugaldom is to pursue self-sustainability in an environmentally aware manner, combining the Arts with nature, heritage and our rehomed rescue ponies. 

Frugaldom is a place we want to share with you all, so we now offer members the opportunity to visit and experience Frugaldom. Whether your interests lie in tree planting, ponies, wildlife, foraging, apple picking or simply escaping to find your creative side as a writer, artist or crafter, becoming official 'Friends of Frugaldom' can offer you some unique opportunities.

Joining us as official 'Friends of Frugaldom' offers that little bit extra - come and make memories at Frugaldom.

Your contributions help plant trees, sow seeds, clear land, create environmental artwork, and improve natural habitat, wetlands and grasslands that will, in turn, encourage wildlife. Your support contributes towards the care and feeding of our rescued and rehomed ponies - some members choose to sponsor their favourite pony at the project. Official friendships, sponsorships and donations help contribute towards the overall development, maintenance and running costs of the project, which now has several fabulous holiday options for members to enjoy a longer visit.

You can follow our progress online or, if you choose, arrange a visit to experience Frugaldom for yourself. You will be helping to drive this project forward and ensure its survival, whilst also supporting new developments being put in place to help us create a sanctuary space that can be enjoyed by all who care to share it. 

Official 'Friends of Frugaldom' can benefit from greatly discounted, frugal breaks in our holiday park caravans, in our holiday cottage or even by taking the opportunity to join us at one of our summer camps or other events.

Whether you choose to use Frugaldom as a source of inspiration, a rural escape, an opportunity to work the land or a place to learn, our project is mostly about freedom - the freedom to aspire to be all you can be. 

The Frugaldom Ponies

Rehomed ponies at Frugaldom

We currently have 5 rehomed ponies: Willow, Frankie, Pippin, Dobbin and Ginger. Willow is our medicine hat 'spirit pony' who loves everyone. Frankie, Pippin and Dobbin are all hoping to find a few more sponsors and Ginger is our grumpy old man of unknown age (25+) who suffers from the incurable illness known as PPID (Cushings). We will never know what horrors Ginger endured during his time spent at the hell hole known as Spindles Farm but what we do know is that he survived where many others did not. He more than deserves a safe and happy retirement and has some wonderful sponsors helping us see him through his golden years.

Creel ponies and trashart duck

ECOARTS: Transforming trash into environmental artwork that can be displayed as a fun way of demonstrating recycling or can be offered fro sale to help generate funds for Frugaldom. Help support the project in any way you can - perhaps you may even like to create your own artwork at Frugaldom!


We are a social enterprise. We are not a charity, nor do we have financial backing. We are simply frugal living enthusiasts fortunate enough to happen upon this wonderful opportunity to create something great that can live on forever. We accept voluntary contributions if you would prefer not to join us as official 'Friends of Frugaldom', or you can donate a few hours of your time volunteering. Otherwise, a small, monthly payment is all we ask, from as little as £5 per person. (Annual option available.)

We operate a frugal breaks programme where members can holiday nearby and visit Frugaldom. We accept sponsorships that help us care for the rehomed ponies and we appreciate corporate sponsorship for individual projects at Frugaldom.

We firmly believe that we can create a great project on a frugal budget, but it all takes time, effort and the support of as many friends as we can muster. We are putting all of these ingredients into making this dream a reality. 

Join us on our journey, as 'Friends of Frugaldom' from as little as £5 per month - we can probably save you at least that if you take part in our online frugal living, moneysaving challenges.

"Frugaldom gives me a reason to get up each morning!"

Frugaldom is about freedom, creativity, heritage, nature and the environment. Frugaldom is about doing good and feeling good. The land at the outdoor project was previously clear felled, so this needs to be tended and brought back into use as pasture and working woodland, preferably with wild flowers and native hedgerow that includes hawthorn, holly, dog rose, elder, hazel and blackthorn (sloe). These hedges will, in years to come, provide foraging areas for fruit, nuts and berries, while also encouraging wildlife back into this little corner of south west Scotland. They can also provide a shelter belt for our ponies and wildlife alike.

We began planting new woodlands of mixed native trees, such as oak, birch, hazel, willow, field maple and rowan, interspersed with crab apple and wild cherry trees, in November 2014. As part of the Woodland Trust's World War 1 Centenary Woodlands project, Frugaldom was awarded tree packs in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to take part in the creation of a living memorial woodland, commemorating the people and the animals whose lives were lost in the fight to defend our freedom during World War I.

We have introduced our 'sponsor a tree' option, along with the opportunity to 'tag a post' on the main corral, or around the paddocks, tracks, gardens and orchards. Each area of Frugaldom will be fenced in locally sourced larch wood, rather than wire, so tagging a post helps cover our costs and provides a unique way of showing your added support.

We will be developing the swathes of bog myrtle, encouraging the sphagnum mosses, cultivating the existing fruit trees and expanding on the willow beds by planting fast-growing varieties that can be harvested as weaving materials for willow sculptures, hurdles, basketry and sustainable biofuel.

We aspire to become a zero waste enterprise, very much focussing on the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos, but we need your help to turn this little piece of wilderness into a wonderland. Water is harvested from the barn roof, power is generated from portable solar and nothing is being wilfully wasted.

The Galloway

Based in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, our heritage project is also one that should interest many who visit in the future.


Galloway Ponies: Stretching back several hundred years, it traces the history of modern day Thoroughbreds to the very roots of their racing existence - the native Galloway ponies that roamed these hills and lowlands before being dispersed throughout the world to become the progenitors of today's finest horses. Plans include an eco arts sculpture park set within an area designated specifically to the Galloway heritage.

Galloway Pippins: In 2016 we begin planting the first of the new orchard of Galloway Pippin apple trees, a dual purpose  heritage variety first recorded in 1871 in nearby Wigtown, Scotland's national book town. In 2018 we began harvesting apples to made apple cider vinegar.

Galloway Cattle: Although we don't have grazing for cattle and horses, the locality has plenty to offer, with several breeders nearby, plus our ecoarts sculpture trail will be displaying its own type of Belted Galloways, created at Frugaldom from wild wood and willow.

Friends of Frugaldom can benefit from hugely discounted frugal breaks*, as we now have our own holiday accommodation nearby, offering you the chance to escape to the country and experience Frugaldom for yourself.

We run various fundraisers throughout the year so feel free to follow @Frugaldom on Twitter and/or like and follow our Facebook page at Frugaldom to keep up to date with what's happening, where and when. If you would just like to donate, we can accept PayPal payents directly to

Thank you for your interest in Frugaldom. 

Websites, blogs, forums, challenges and Frugaldom project administration by NYK Media.

* See or for details of nearby accommodation.*

Tag a Post

posted 4 Apr 2015, 12:23 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 20 Feb 2016, 05:49 ]

Wooden post and rail fence
Take this unique opportunity to add your name to a very special project, known as Frugaldom 

Frugaldom is in the early stages of development, with this little piece of Scottish wilderness just having found its way to us in July 2014. Since then, we have received over 1000 young trees and many thousands of seeds from the Woodland Trust, the Grow Wild UK project and our own frugal forum members.

Now we are fund raising to replace old posts with new and define individual elements of the project. This is what we call the corral - photo shows first corral nearing completion on Saturday 4th April 2015 (Easter weekend.)

Frugaldom is a privately funded project. It is neither a recognised organisation nor a registered charity. The project is being run by NYK Media with the support and good will of fellow members of the free to join online community of frugal living enthusiasts.


It literally means we are going to tag the fence posts with individually engraved, metallic discs. Anyone can pledge their support for this project.

For individuals, the tag may be a dedication to a loved one, a commemoration to a cherished pet, a token of your  personal support, a gift, or even just to leave your mark on this little piece of history that's being created in southwest Scotland, for the benefit of all who care to see it.

For businesses, it is a tiny bit of affordable marketing, as we will feature all tags on our web site and social media. These tags can be engraved with your company name, as long as it fits into the disc in a legible size.

Tag a post at th Frugaldom Corral


From as little as £10 per tag, based on the cost of fence posts, the tags themselves and the engraving. We will fix them free.

As Frugaldom is as much about nature as it is about simple self-sustainability, we had to analyse the long term costs, durability and safety of the corral fences. For these reasons, we opted for locally grown, sustainable larch posts and rails.


You can 'buy now' via PayPal or else see our contact page for where to send cheques, made payable to 'NYK Media', who is organising this event.

If you need to add an extra line of engraving, this can be submitted via the PayPal form or by follow-up email.

If you are a member of eBid, the free to join online auction, you can visit our page HERE to become part of this unique corral project.

If you would like to tag more than one post, you are welcome to do so.

If you would prefer to email your order to NYK Media, you will be invoiced via PayPal: please quote number of tags required, colour (silver or gold) and the wording you would like engraved.

You can have up to 3 lines, each to a maximum of 12 characters, on each 30mm circular tag. (This is to ensure it is legible to visitors once fixed to the fence.)

Join us in the Frugal Forums where you will find an entire section dedicated to the Frugaldom Project.

Subscribers or sponsors of this event should note that the tags will be visible to the general public and that by purchasing one (or more) you are agreeing to having the details on display.

Here are some examples of recent tags


Thank you for your interest, your time and your support.

99p Store

posted 6 Mar 2015, 09:51 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 12:55 ]

just99 the online 99p store

A great little find online, with this 99p store. OK, so some of you may live near enough one of these discount stores that you can simply pop in anytime you are passing, but for frugal rural dwellers, the opportunity to splash out on some bargains is very welcome.

Hot spot bargains galore, all for just 99p each:
With delivery from just £2.95, make sure you make your order worthwhile when you stock up on bargains this year. I can already see plenty of summer party and BBQ ideas for having fun in Frugaldom!

Postcode Lottery

posted 13 Feb 2015, 08:45 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 14:06 ]

Free Postcode Lottery

Have you signed up for the free postcode lottery daily yet? I just read about the new referral rates and thought I'd pass on the news here in case anyone hasn't already signed up, and in the hope of getting a few new referrals to help Frugaldom rise through the ranks a little.

It's free, you can play daily, they don't bombard you with junk emails and the daily draw is increasing to £80 with both the evening bonus draw and the stackpot at £10.

Give it a go - you have nothing to lose and you can play for free every day.

Free Lottery Tickets

posted 3 Feb 2015, 12:24 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 12:55 ]

Search Lotto - Play the National Lottery for FREE by searching the web
This free lottery just keeps getting better and better. Get 4 FREE Saturday Lotto entries by signing up HERE and use voucher code STPG
One free entry will be provided to you each week for the Saturday Lotto draw.
You earn free Lotto or Euromillions entries just for searching using the Searchlotto search facility and are part of a syndicate of 20 for each entry you are awarded.

Free Competitions

posted 3 Feb 2015, 11:29 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 13:55 ]

Join Loquax, Click Here!

If you are a fan of free competitions, there are thousands to choose from at Loquax. Have frugal fun anytime of day or night and know that by registering through this link. you are helping to support NYK and the Frugaldom Projects.

Cash and prizes available every day and it's free to join.

Sponsor a Tree

posted 22 Sept 2014, 06:41 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 20 Feb 2016, 05:53 ]

Sponsor a Tree at Frugaldom

Newly planted trees at Frugaldom

The Frugaldom project combines native woodland regeneration with small scale food growing, foraging, eco arts, wildlife conservation, willow coppicing, national heritage and frugal self-sustainability.

We are now able to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a tree  (or several) in the new woodlands and orchards that are currently being planted at Frugaldom.  Our tree-planting programme includes several thousand individual trees, many of these being supplied by The Woodland Trust for planting as a living memorial to the men, women, children and animals affected by World War I

Alongside this, we have plans to introduce a heritage apple orchard, our chosen variety being the Galloway Pippin. This is a dual purpose apple favoured for cooking that traces it's origins to nearby Wigtown, which is also Scotland's national book town.

Apple trees at Frugaldom
Apples growing at Frugaldom

If you would like to sponsor or dedicate a tree to someone special, you can do so here.


Birch may be Silver or Downy
Harvest trees include Siberian Crab Apple, Rowan, Elder, Blackthorn (Sloe) and Hazelnut.
Willows may be Goat Willow or Osier (Salix Viminalis)
Apple trees are our Galloway Pippins being planted as part of the new heritage orchard.

We also have some young oak trees, a holly circle and our field maple grove that may be of interest to sponsors. Please contact NYK Media to discuss these or other opportunities.
Sponsor a tree at Frugaldom

We sincerely hope you enjoy being a part of our wonderful wilderness project and that you will visit in the future. As a 5-year project, planting should be completed by the end of 2019, with the official opening date for the project being 2020. In the meantime, official 'Friends of Frugaldom' are welcome to visit at anytime.

Learn more about our Galloway Pippin orchard project at - supporting Galloway's rich heritage by introducing local variety apples.

Cash Back

posted 6 Apr 2014, 14:35 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 13:28 ]

Online Cashback

This is the cashback site I most often use. If you follow my referral link you just need to sign up and you can start earning cashback on your online purchases then I will run the risk of earning a lovely £5 commission, which helps me to afford to keep the websites, forums and blogs running.

Topcashback is free to join and it's really easy to use, just remember to log in before going shopping online then start building up your own cash back. I blogged about this recently, including a full screen print of my own previous transactions, as it's one of my top money saving tips for followers of the frugal living challenge.

We deserve to be paid a little bonus for spending our money, so never shop online without first checking this out to see how much you could be getting back with each purchase you make. Most of the big names are included, high street stores, supermarkets, telecommunications, travel and even financial institutions. There's a whole heap of free money floating about out there so take a few minutes to lay your hands on some of it. We do!

Once registered, you will also be given a friend referral link, like the one I've posted at the top of this page. You can share it with everyone you know and earn a special bonus once others sign up and start shopping to save and earn. I recommend you sign up for the free option and then decide if you want to take it further. As a frugaler, I don't spend enough money over the space of a year to warrant anything else. :)

Food Shopping

posted 4 Apr 2014, 14:17 by NYK Frugaldom   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 14:52 ]

Muscle Food

This is an on-going offer courtesy of Musclefood, whose friend referral link I am sharing with you here.

I discovered this company in 2013 after discussing the price of chicken with my body-building youngest, who has now fledged the nest and buying his own food! I signed up as a customer, despite NOT being in any way a muscle woman or fitness fanatic. New customers have several introductory offers available to them as well as the above free chicken added your first order. Then you can collect loyalty points that get you more freebies. Share your friend referral link and get more freebies. Write reviews for points that add up to more freebies... you get the picture.

As if all of that wasn't enough, free delivery for orders over £75 - share with friends & relatives to make up the value - or else pay as little as £3.95 for chilled overnight delivery on smaller orders.

Once you become a customer MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL NEWSLETTERS... because that's where the BIG savings come into play. I've had packs of Norfolk turkey mince at £1 per 400g and also bagged myself 10 x 400g lean minced beef at £1 per pack. Talk about budget busting muscle building?  My biceps and quadriceps are developing from all this bending into the freezer to get meat out for dinner! Fabulous for us ruralites who have no shops nearby!

Approved Food

Approved Food sells short dated and past BBE (Best Before End) long shelf life foods that can last many months or even years. Dried goods, tinned goods, packets and jars... most have dates on them to show optimum quality for sales but these dates do not represent the use-by dates for health and safety. All foods sold on this site are Approved and can save food shoppers fortunes over time. Check out their latest food bargains regularly as stock changes daily.

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