About Us

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Who or what is, 'Frugaldom' ?
Frugaldom is about frugal living, creativity, affordability and sustainability. The project began for bargain hunters, writers and artists but eventually expanded to include all who wanted a good life, doing what they loved most and finding a way within their own means to do it. Now we also have our own outdoor project, where wildlife and the environment meet heritage and creativity and provides an affordable break from the norm for all our members.

What is Available in the Frugal Shop?

You could find anything in here from fashion accessories to footwear, jewellery, electronics, sporting goods, holidays, food, flowers, lingerie, gifts, books and eBook selections to art work and crafts created by our members. You may even find surplus to requirement items, fabric, fancy goods, books, magazines, garden finds, recycled or upcycled goods, handmade crafted gifts, plants, seeds or even hatching eggs, for those with an interest in poultry, waterfowl or game. Our frugal store is about so much more than just stuff you can buy online, it's about spending wisely to make the most of your money while affording the luxury of fun living. But mostly, it's about generating a little bit of financial support for the Frugaldom project.

If you can't find anything to buy, consider sending a small donation to help fund the project or join us to enjoy a Frugaldom Experience, join us as an official Friend of Frugaldom and make the most of the Frugal breaks that will be available to our members. You can also sponsor a tree or tag a post at the Frugaldom project.