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  • FRRN as a PBRN is patient care oriented learning collaborative using continual quality improvement as a practical science facilitated by information technology with the mission of using real world rural health care questions to design, implement and continually evaluate best practices in a practical setting.
  • The Frontier Rural Research Network, FRRN is meant to generate the real world research and research questions that will help address maintaining quality care and best practices when appropriate and finding and evaluating innovative methods to address the significant health care challenges that exist in rural America.
  • “The Curbside” will be (after October 2006) a collegial list serve of the respective individual members where discussion groups may, in a HIPPA approve manner and level of encryption, discuss questions, concerns, and challenges facing either their clinic, patients, or FRRN.
  • FRRN is You.

Executive Summary of Long Term Strategies

Powerpoint "Why do we need FRRN?"