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Conservative parents are happier than their liberal counterparts, says research. The Economist article "The joy of parenthood" reports on the research's claim that conservatives have been consistently happier than liberals for at least 35 years. It talks about the three factors that have contributed to such relative happiness. Reading the article leads us to conclude that conservatives would more likely espouse what the Church calls the "culture of life." On the other hand, liberal parents would likely defend practices propagated by the "culture of death": divorce, abortion, euthanasia etc. Coincidentally, these started sprouting like mushrooms (better, like poisonous fungi) during the last 35 years.

RELATED ARTICLE: Poll: Family Ties Key to Youth Happiness.

Does being more of a father make you less of a man?" This is how the Time article entitled "Fatherhood 2.0" begins its exploration of a contemporary trend in fatherhood: fathers getting more involved and spending more time in the care of the family and the home.

Single-sex schools help children thrive. Boys and girls seem to thrive in a single-sex system. As a consequence of a growing awareness of the benefits of single-sex schools, the US National Academy of Sciences has initiated a research on development differences between the sexes, "from womb to tomb." Please click photo to read it.

Why Dads Matter in Their Children's Development. A lot of researches and publications support the claim that time spent and example given by the father are vital for the normal development of his children. This short article from provides us why dads matter. Please click photo to read it.

Supervise Your Children Online. The February 2007 of Parenting Tips tells us that children need parents to teach them how to make smart choices about who and what they find online, to deal with commercial material, safeguard their privacy, to have a positive experience when meeting people online, and use their time on the Internet effectively. Parenting Tips is provided to us by Mr. Andrew Mullins, Headmaster of Redfield College in New South Wales, an Australian school similar to ours. Please click photo to read it.

Protect Yourself from the Internet's Moral Dangers. This article from tells parents the four ways Internet filtering software can help them. (Please click photo to read the article) An example of an Internet filtering and parental control software is K9 Web Protection.

Favored as Boys, Disadvantaged as Men by Jaileen J. Jimeno. The article claims the reason why Filipino men are less competitive than their female counterparts is that they were pampered in their younger years.

"Dumbledore is gay," declares J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, before an audience in New York's Carnegie Hall. So, how should we react to that? Fr. Andrew Byrne gives us a nuanced response.

Poll: Family Ties Key to Youth Happiness. The AP (Associated Press) and MTV (Music Television) jointly conducted a survey among American youth, whose result seems to be surprising: happiness for them often means family ties, faith and togetherness. It corroborates the timeless wisdom that a happy home life benefits all members of the family. Though they may try to distance themselves and gain independence, teenagers are no exception in seeking and responding to love.

Favored as Boys, Disadvantaged as Menby Jaileen J. Jimeno: The article claims the reason why Filipino men are less competitive than their female counterparts is that they were pampered in their younger years.

No way to raise a boy by Kevin Bryan in (3 August 2007). "Do our boys have to be bored, fat and dumber than their sisters?", asks the professor emeritus of the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University. The author tackles an issue similar to the one above, citing other factors why boys seem to be lagging behind the girls.

What makes public school kids excel in school by Queena N. Lee-Chua in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2 February 2007): The first installment discussing the results of a study made by this award-winning professor and her colleagues at the Ateneo de Manila University. In spite of the lack of resources, these kids are doing well in school. "What is the secret of their success? The answer is family," writes Lee-Chua.

Families of achieving students use 5 strategies, study shows by Queena N. Lee-Chua in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (3 February 2007). The concluding part of the story on the academic success of some public school students. Their study shows that the parents of these kids play a major role in their formation.

US State pioneers in single-gender classes. If this news article (Yahoo News, 1 October 2007) were to be an indicator, many educators might seem to be realizing the benefits of single-gender education. It might seem to be that boys would benefit more if they go through single-gender education, especially during their adolescent stage.