Fallout: Decay Rules

Message of the Day:

Armor now once again drops upon death.


  • Global 
  • Roleplay 
  • Murder
  • Basing
  • Props
  • Raids
  • General 



When identifying a rule please use;                                                                                              

  •  The number of the section .             
  • The letter of the sub-section .                                                                                                       
  • And the number of the bullet point (if applicable).
  • Ex.   [III-C-4]  would   mean  Murder,  Misc,  Leading npc's to town.

☢ [I]  Global Rules

The rules for our community apply to each of the servers we own. By joining one of our servers, you agree to respect all players and admins, play fairly, and be mindful of the rules and regulations. These rules are always subject to change and you are a guest on our servers; By playing here It is your responsibility to check them and follow them. If you have a problem with any of our staff or our rules, feel free to bring it up with our admins or submit a post to the forums. We only own the servers, not the players. 

This should go without saying, but when calling for a staff member please say why you want one. For example, "Admin RDM" is much better than "admin help". If you do not say why you want an admin, they are not required to answer you.

☢ [II]  Roleplay

Roleplaying, or RP refers to literally playing a role. On this server, the role that you play in the wasteland is up to you. However, there are some general guidelines for proper roleplay that must be enforced to ensure that everyone playing can equally enjoy their own roleplay.

If you'd like more information on how to roleplay, check out the guide on our wiki. The guide can be opened by pressing f1 in game, and selecting it from the main page. The web-page for the guide can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/frostburntwiki/player/roleplay

[A] Common sense

You shouldn't have any problems with the roleplay rules as long as you have common sense. Don't do anything in-game that you wouldn't do normally in real life, such as sitting on top of of player's head, making floating signs, driving cars backwards, or building non RP-friendly structures. It should be easy as it's just common sense.

[B] Roleplay Chat

In terms of roleplay, there are several types of chats you can use to demonstrate how you are talking. These types can be specified by chat prefixes typed before your message.

  • [1] '/me' - add this before your message to specify an action your character is doing in roleplay. For example; typing /me warms his hands over the fire will print to chat: John Smith warms his hands over the fire.
  • [2] './/', '/looc', or '[[' - Local out of character, typing in this will show to other players near you that you are not talking in terms of the current roleplay. Information conveyed this way is invisible to your character in terms of rp, and is only there for the players to communicate to each other.
  • [3] '/roll #' - An optional function, roll allows you to roll a random number between 1 and 100, or whatever number you specify after the roll. The use of roll can be used for determining random outcomes of things in roleplay, but It is not required to use rolls for general actions, IE, combat, however it can be used consensually between to characters roleplaying.
  • [4] '/y', '/yell' - Yelling, your voice is projected and reaches farther away, it also shows conviction in what you're saying, and is generally used when your character is actually yelling.
  • [5] '/w', '/whisper' - Whispering, your character speaks softly, only reaching people who you have direct line of sight and in close proximity. Useful for conveying private information.

[C] General Rules

 Sign usage - You can create large signs to mark your buildings to the public, but as far as posting advertisements goes, using these signs is overkill. If you want to advertise your shop, your business, or you're trying to buy/sell a particular item, instead of posting a giant Neon sign on someone else's building, make a job board and attach one of the in-game note items to it.

[D] Courtesy Towards  Roleplaying Staff

  • [1] Staff members work really hard on keeping the server a fun place to play and roleplay, and sometimes they like to roleplay themselves. If you see a staff member in-game, please do not approach staff members and question them about the state of the server out of nowhere.
  • [2] The staff of this server were selected because they know how to be un-biased. When a staff member is roleplaying, you don't need to be afraid of them or hold the same respect for their roleplay character as you do for the staff member; don't give them special treatment because they are staff, treat them just like anyone else, it's how they'd prefer it.

☢ [III]  Murder

[A] Random Death Match

  • [1] Random Death Match, or RDM, is when you kill another player for no reason. This is not allowed; players must have a legitimate reason to kill someone.
  • [2] Robots have the same RDM protection as players. If you attack it, it will kill you and mark you as a permanent target until cleared by the robot's owner, anything lost to to the robot killing you is your fault for attacking it. Attacking or killing a robot for no reason is the same as doing so to the player. Players are only meant to fight them in raids or wars.                                  
[B] Acceptable reasons to kill a person
  • [1] Fighting over resource piles or dropped items. You must warn the person in text, and you must have been the first person at the resource pile and they don't leave it within 10 seconds. Someone cannot walk up to someone already scavenging a pile and threaten them to leave.
  • [2] Raiding a base.
  • [3] Defending a faction member/ally.
  • [4] You witness a player steal (or attempt to steal) something that clearly belongs to you (you can't just drop some random item int he middle of the wasteland and snipe people who go near it). If the stolen thing is a suitcase, however, you must witness them performing the suitcase looting animation before killing them. If you wish to claim a case that is not related to you (Not an ally of you/an ally of yours did not kill them.), you must say you are going to take the case.
  • [5] Someone is being a general nuisance, such as mic-spamming or following you without leaving post text warning
  • [6] You have given a player resources to create something for you, and they decide not to make you the item.
  • [7] Someone is putting you at risk by claiming you offended them in some way, IE, claiming to others that you stole from them, or putting a hit on you, however, you must personally witness this yourself, or be informed by a faction member. 
  • [8]  If you  defibrillator  someone who was just killed and it presents a danger to the attacker, the attacker has the right to   kill you. Kills within the same faction are excluded to avoid exploitation. 
  • [9] If someone goes out of their way to hit you with their car (Hitting or attempting to hit you repeatedly), you may kill them. However this is not the case if you are walking on a road . 
  • [10] You may kill someone if they lead hostile npcs to you/town  and they attack you.

[C] Bad Baiting

While  baiting is allowed,  "bad baiting" is not. Bad baiting can be defined as using minge-like methods to kill someone. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Following someone around and yelling/saying insults to them for an extended period of time hoping the other person will retaliate.
  • Dropping  an item on the ground and leaving it there waiting for someone to pick it up just so you can kill them.
  • Staff Members can decide what counts as "Bad Baiting"

[D] Misc

  • [1] You may not kill anyone near spawn or "spawn kill".
  • [2] You may only rob/mug a base, not a player out in the wasteland. Approaching a player claiming you are there to rob them is not a valid reason to kill them.
  • [3] Under no circumstances can you use your vehicle (Cars, Helicopters, Planes, etc.) to kill someone.  
  • [4] If someone does a  low amount of damage to you (20 or less), presumably on accident, you cannot use this as a pretense for murder.
  • [5] After someone has  offended you in a way that allows you to kill  them (Except if you're in a war/raid) you have 5 minutes to kill them, or 15 minutes to place a hit. 
    • (For example, if you fail to kill them after 5 minutes of trying to find them, you have 10 more minutes to place a hit on the person.)
    • You may also kill or place a hit on somebody for directly threatening your life via text. (For example: "I'm going to kill you" is an acceptable reason while "I  hope you die" is not.)
  • [6] If you have a valid reason to kill a player, the faction members that can see you kill them (The Witness system will tell you who), they can also be killed; This means faction members are responsible for eachother's actions.

[D] Revenge Killing

This has some tight regulations. 
  • [1] You may revenge kill a player only for killing a community member, but not yourself due to NLR. 

[E] New Life Rule

New Life rule, or NLR means that when you die you may not go back to where you were if you were killed for about five minutes. If you are RDM'd contact an admin.

  • [1] Under no circumstances may you kill someone for breaking NLR. If you do, you will recieve the same punishment as you would for RDM. If someone breaks NLR, you contact an admin.

[F] Community warfare

Wars are when 2 factions enter a war from the community warfare menu, during which time you may kill other members on sight.

The acts of war system is helpful, but a bit flawed currently and is being worked on. In the meantime, the system works like this: If a member from one faction kills the member of another faction, that faction can declare war and a war will start, however, there are some circumstances where this is not valid. 

  • [1]  If one faction is raiding another faction. 
  • [2] If a faction member who was raiding gets killed and an act of war is generated, it is not valid and must be deleted.
  • [3]  In addition: There is no NLR in war. Meaning that if you are killed by a warring faction, you may immediately go back to where you were killed and continue fighting. This  does NOT nullify raiding rules.

    You may enter a war for the following reasons:

  • [4] If you have been raided by the other community.
  • [5] If you or the other community agrees to the war.
  • [6] Or for an RP related reason (Must be approved by an admin).
  • [7] If a war has been going on for more then 48 hours and 1 party wishes to end the war, you must accept or staff may have to get involved.
  • [8] War requests are no longer allowed to be accepted 5 days after the incident occurred.
  • [G] Deserters.

    If you leave a community that is in a war with another faction, don't think you're safe.

  • [1] You are marked as a deserter  If you are not permitted to leave, or are kicked out of your faction  during the war. 
  • [2] If you are a known deserter, you can be killed by all of the factions that where involved in the war that you avoided.
  • [3] The timeframe in which you can be killed for deserting is the duration of the war you avoided.
  • [4] You can have one hit placed on you by the faction you left, even after the war you avoided has ended up to 3 real time days.
  • [5] Seriously, don't join a faction if you aren't willing to fight with said faction.
  • [6] If you are the owner of a community and you disband it to avoid a war, you; the leader of the faction, may be killed for the remainder of the time the war had until ending. (Wars last for two days unless both sides choose to extend it).

[H] Bounty Hunters/Mercenaries

  • [1] You are allowed to work as a mercenary, but only if you are the wastelander class.
  • [2] Please make sure that the person you're killing is being killed for a valid reason.
  • [3] In the event that you do kill someone for an invalid reason, you may be held accountable depending on the situation.
  • [4] Unless it's faction war related, mercenary contracts and reasons for hiring a mercenary can not carry over map changes or rejoins.
  • [5] Contracts also expire if the Mercenary, or mercenary party dies while performing the hit.
  • [6] If you die while performing your contract and you have partners  continuing  it, you cannot join them.
  • [7] One cannot place a contract on the same person more than once within 30 minutes.
  • [8] Mercenary hiring, much like placing hits, must be completed in TEXT ONLY. If there are no text logs found, the employer and the mercenary will be banned.
  • [9] As a Mercenary, you may contracted to participate in a war for 100 of each. This is different from a regular hit as it only expires when the  war ends or the map changes (Crashing does not count).
  • [10] As a Mercenary, you may have a mercenary party accompany you for a contract. In order to do this, every member of the party must be paid 30 of each (If regular) or 100 of each (If a war).

[I] Placing hits

You can hire a mercenary to perform a "hit" on someone to kill them, make sure that you are putting a hit on someone for a valid reason

You can only put a hit on someone for a roleplay related reason. The placing of the hit  MUST all be in text. Here are some examples of reasons you would place a hit on someone:

  • [1] Someone threatens you over resources when you are trying to scavenge.
  • [2] Someone has Raided you and you know who it is.
  • [3] Your faction is at war with their faction.
  • [4] Someone has  a vendor selling similar items to your vendor. The competing  vendor must be within a 20 PHX plate square radius of your vendor, and you must give them in in-text warning making it clear that you will place a hit on them if they don't move their vendor. (After making a threat however, you cannot move your vendor closer to there's if they have moved away/are trying to do so.)
  • [5] Someone has threatened that they will place a hit on you for any of the above reasons.
  • [6] Any of the acceptable reasons to kill someone.
  • [7] Hits can only last for 30 minutes after the time they were placed.

The minimum of payment required to issue a hit on someone must be equal to or above 30 of each resource.

[J] Combat Logging

Combat logging is when you disconnect in the middle of combat or after stealing something.

  • [1] If you do this, you are subject to severe punishment, such as loss of all equipped weapons or a temporary ban.
  • [2] If steal more than 1000 of any resource or items of equivalent worth in any situation, you cannot disconnect for 30 minutes after doing so or it is considered combat logging and will result in a week ban.
  • [3] If you are in any sort of conflict (PVP, PVE or otherwise) you cannot just put something in your inventory from your equipment to save it. This rule is temporary until I add a delay to un-equipping items.
  • [4] Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban.

[K] Kidnapping

    You may kidnap a player, but you must have a reason. If you are kidnapped, you may not log out unless a staff member allows it or you have escaped. Acceptable reasons for kidnapping a player:

  • [1] Player is an enemy of your faction.
  • [2] All valid reasons for killing someone listed under "Murder" (Player has shot you, stole, etc.)
  • [3] You have an RP reason.
  • You may not do the following with your kidnapees:

  • [4] Force them to kill players or things in general.
  • [5] Kidnap someone with the intention of killing them.
  • [6] Kidnap someone and force them to give you resources/items with the intention of killing them if they do not (This is already not allowed, under mugging). 

[L] Loopholing

Loopholing rules to get someone in to combat with you when they do not understand any risks is not permissible. Loopholing is different than baiting, as with baiting, a player who is being "Baited" is fully aware that their actions may result in combat, thus has already accepted that they might die and lose their stuff. This sort of situation is fine, however, when a player attempts to take advantage of another player's lack of information, or exploit systems in the game to force people in to combat when it is not clear that their action will result in combat, examples are as follows:
  • [1] Making a raidable item look like a publicly accessible item such as a vending machine and attacking players who use it.
  • [2] Labeling a raidable object as a public asset and attacking people who interact with it.
  • [3] Walking in front of someone and getting yourself intentionally shot in order to kill them.
  • [4]  You  cannot create  an alternative character and ingauge in a war with the intent to use the ally at war request to get your main accounts faction into a war.
[M] Offensive Comments/Insults

You cannot kill people for insulting you, or if you perceive it as an insult. The only time you can kill someone for insulting you is if they flat out call you offensive names and don't let up on it. 
  • [1] If they call you a simple name or say something offensive and walk off, that is not a reason to kill. If they persist, like following you around, consistently dropping one liners and running off, or continue to constantly talk about you in public places, tell an admin. 
  • [2] If they are doing it in your base, and they refuse to leave, you can kill. 
  • [3] If someone is blatantly disregarding this rule and consistently acts like an asshole or a smart ass in small ways, or again, they drop small one liners and run off over and over (aka they know this rule exists and they are trying to tip toe around it), they can be killed.

☢  [IV]  Basing

[A] Bases

    There is a very closely regulated set of restrictions put on bases. They are:

  • [1] You cannot build a base that is made to be unraidable. What constitutes as unraidable is anything that is designed to create "fish in a barrel" sort of scenarios. You are also not allowed to create tight hallways for your base. Your base entrance must allow two people walking next to each other to enter at once.
  • [2] You can only have a maximum of three doors to enter a base. This includes fading doors, hydraulic and winch doors, and spawned doors.
  • [3] Bases that use boxes that go to the top of the skybox are not allowed.
  • [4] You may not use materials that are 1 sided  under any circumstance 
  • [5] You cannot stack doors on top of each other within the same entryway, including hallways. If you are caught doing this, they will instantly be removed, no exceptions.
  • [6] Tunnel entrances which require you to crouch for more than 5 seconds are not allowed.
  • [7] Any base using no-collided props to trap players or prevent them from shooting you while allowing you to fire at them is against the rules.
  • [8] Building no-collided walls that people can phase through, shoot and then phase back in to is not allowed, regardless of their transparency.
  • [9] It is not allowed to build headglitched security which allows you to kill a person raiding, but blocks them in a no-collided prop from killing you.
  • [10] You are not allowed to use no-collide all props as secret doors, unless you already have a main door that is easily visible.
  • [11] You may not have fake keypads, and working ones must be placed in sight of the door it controls and near by.
  • [12] You can not use Fading Doors as any sort of tactical cover. If you make a fading door and unfade it to shoot through it may be removed without warning.
  • [13] Doors with any sort of auto close system must stay open for a minimum of 10 seconds, if someone reports a button/door which does not adhere to this it may be removed without warning.
  • [14] No private bases are allowed within the confines of the spawn area since bases here conflict with the raiding NLR, and spawn killing rules.
  • [15] No odd textures allowed on bases, such as fullbright bases. Use realistic materials.
  • [16] There must always be space for both a keypad cracker, and crack defender. It would otherwise make raiding a base impossible.
  • [17] You may not own a building and put a KOS over it if you are not actually using it as a base. You must be actively using it for a KOS to be placed.  No "I go in every 20 minutes" shit.
  • [18] Your  KOS must be  a  2x2 hunter plate  with size 15 red font, and must be to the left of right of your door within ~3 feet.
  • [19]You cannot change the material of fences, or other props that can be shot through.
  • [20] Hallways where the defender can shoot the attacker are allowed, but  they must not have non-transparent walls/surfaces that can be shot through  (Textured fences for example.) The defender and the  attacker must be able to see each-other.

[B] Public Outposts  

Public outposts are bases that are open for public use, whether it be by admission or for free, a public outpost can not be raided unless there are locked doors with raidable objects behind them (Check Raids section for raidable objects).
  • [1] You must put a sign stating it as a public outpost. Signs that say things like Bars/Shops/Stores count as public outposts.
  • [2] If you place things down such as stockpiles or lockers in a public outpost your outpost will become raid-able (Do not place down valuables in public outposts!)
  • [3] Once any form of raid-able items are placed down in your outpost it is no longer considered a public outpost and is bound by the normal base rules. This means that the outpost is raidable, and everyone in the outpost may attack and kill the raiders.
  • [4] If your public outpost plans on charging admission it cannot be more then 10 of each resource. If you are charging more than that, the outpost is raidable.

[C] In-Map Towns

If there is a map with a town built in to it, the town cannot be considered private and locked unless every building is owned and all residents of the town agree upon it.

  • [1] Bars or other sections of the map that could pass as bars are only allowed to be owned by cultivators and must be public.
  • [2] Bars cannot be raided and they cannot have valuables such as stockpiles or community lockers in them.
  • [3] Map towns are defined by a collection of buildings outside that are built in to the map.
  • [4] Bunkers, caves or underground areas are not towns; These areas can be made private. However, this does not apply if the entire map is underground.
  • [5]You may charge a max of 10 resources for admission to a town. If you charge more, the town can be raided.

[D] Door Ownership

You can own a max of 10 doors, but that doesn't mean you can own 10 bases.

  • [1] You can only own one base on the map. If you have more than one, the one which has the least amount of props or players in it will be unowned without warning.

[E] Water Sources

Some maps we play on have very few water sources. If the amount of water sources where players can drink and can fill their water bottles is few, then these sources cannot be privatized; 

  • [1] You can not build private bases around water sources if it is the only source on the map.

[F] Bases that are not allowed

  • [1] Maze Bases:  These are bases in which raiding parties are required to jump over or crouch under obstacles and maneuver around props before entering. These create a "fish in a barrel scenario" and are against the rules. Players caught with maze bases will have the base removed without question.
  • [2] Airlock Bases:  These are bases in which the person raiding is required to crack or lockpick a door that closes another one behind them, and so on. These types of bases are not allowed.

[G] Base related tools

  • [1] Sonic Miners:  Sonic Miners are a tool that automatically produce resources at the cost of energy. These must be placed on the map ground; you may not place them inside a base or on the roof. These are raidable if made private.
  • [2] Wastland worms are an animal you can breed and use to produce chemicals. They are raidable.  

☢ [V]  Props

[A] Prop Use

Props are strictly for building, and nothing else. Using a prop for anything other than this can and will result in temporary or even permanent removal from the server.

Prop Restrictions

  • [1] Killing anyone using a prop is absolutely not allowed. We have zero tolerance for propkillers in this server. You will be instantly removed.
  • [2] Using props to block the doors of your base where no one can get in or out is against the rules. Any bases involving propblock will have the offending prop(s) removed without warning.
  • [3] Using a prop to "surf" or push others in the air or reach someplace that other players cannot get to is not allowed.
  • [4] Spamming props to minge or crash is not allowed.
  • [5] Prop climbing into/on someone's base is not allowed.
  • [6] Using props as a ramp/staircase to get somewhere usually unreachable IS allowed, but if you are someplace that only admins can reach you, you will be asked to move.
  • [7]  Placing dupes while in combat, or before enguaging conglomerates, is not allowed, cars can be  used as cover but can not be dropped on the spot.

☢ [VI]  Raids

[A] Raiding

Raiding is when you break into another person's base. In order to accomplish a raid, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

  • [1] You must call raid before killing someone, it is mandatory to use chat and the /y before raiding
  • [2] You cannot pick up any raidable objects inside a base while you are being raided.
  • [3] You cannot raid a base that is in construction (If you place valuables and a keypad/locked door on a base it is considered finished and you may be raided)
  • [4] Raidable objects/valuables are the following items: Stockpiles, Lockers,  Grubs, Thumpers (Only raidable if there it is privatized. Meaning, a keypad/fading door covering the scrap output, the miner is in a private base, the people owning it are telling/warning you not to take from it, etc.), Trucks transporting water barrels (You may only call raid if the truck is TRANSPORTING THEM. This doesn't include it being idle, or moving slightly.)
  • [5] You may not raid a base solely if it has a keypad.
  • [6] NON-Raidable objects/valuables are the following items: Items that have been dropped on the ground during trades are not raidable if it was done inside a base. Example: If 2 people are standing inside a shop, and they are actively trading items by dropping them on the ground, a third person cannot raid the base because of those objects. 
  • [7] Plants are not raidable.
  • [8] Silent Raids are when you sneak into someone's base without them noticing you. These are acceptable. However if you are caught during a silent raid, you must either leave immediately or declare a raid, you can not kill anyone during a Silent raid until you have called raid in chat. You may only call raid if you have seen/heard raidables in the base.
  • [9] If you are killed during a raid or the entire raid party leaves it is still considered over and you may not raid that base again for 1 hour unless you are at war with the base owners. If this is the case, it is 10 minutes.
  • [10] You cannot spawn any props or large items (cars, storage lockers) during raids. You can set up cover, but it must be done before raid is declared.
  • [11] You cannot raid single small locked rooms unless you know there's something on the other side worth raiding (Like hearing grubs or actually seeing the raidable object).
  • [12] You may raid a base if it is harboring a  enemy of war.  You must warn them in text with a yell beforehand, warning them to  let you have access to the base, or bring the enemy outside within at least 30 seconds, or you will raid them.
  • [13] KOS, or Kill On Site signs and  perimeters  can be used. But using one makes your base or perimitered area raidable.

☢  [VII]  General

[A] Common Sense

This should go without saying, but if something seems like an exploit or you would expect it to be against the rules, feel free to address it with an admin. Exploiting it without doing so may result in temporary, or maybe even permanent removal from the server. A good rule of thumb is just to not do anything that wouldn't be remotely possible in reality, IE, Spawning a car in the middle of a raid and using it to drive off the roof of a building.
  • [1] Do not make factions with the name of other prominent groups from other games/movies. They will be deleted.
  • [2] All warnings must be given in text chat.
  • [3] Don't Physgun your lockers into the sky when they are being raided, but this should go without saying.
  • [4] Do not ask for events. Doing so will result in you being put at the jurisdiction of the staff that see you put it in admin chat.
  • [5] Do not tell players to leave events. Doing so will put you at the jurisdiction of the staff member dealing with it.
  • [6] No   advertising other servers/communities.
  • [7] No Loop-holing. Loop-holing is the act of Bending rules or finding Exploits within them, Doing so may result in removal.
  • [8] NSFW Content  (Not Safe For Work / 18+ content such as nudity displayed in ways such as PACs, Holo Projectors, ect) can be displayed, but only in a private home when approved by the owner or inside a building with a warning about NSFW content clearly displayed outside of it.
  • [9] Don't harass other players OOC-ly.
  • [!] Do not talk about fight club.

[B]Account usage

You are responsible for everything that happens with your account, if your little brother or a friend breaks the rules while using your account and your account is punished, the punishment will stay.

[C] Exploits

There is a zero tolerance for exploit on this server. If you find any sort of Exploit, whether it be duping or damage multiplier related, you must report it. If you do not report it, or you exploit it to enrich yourself, you will be found and banned. We have logs for everything, so if you like this server don't push your luck. Besides, you'll be rewarded for reporting it.

[D] Anonymous Staff

It's not unheard of that our staff members try to be anonymous in their identity for whatever reason. In some cases they may pretend to be a new player or hide their name on the server. This means that if you know an admin by steam name, it is not a good idea to call them by it. Doing so will subject you to a limited, but apparent punishment. Also, figuring out who a player is or making it your game to figure out if a player is an undercover admin will result in removal from the server. We don't appreciate it, and you don't need to do it.

[E] Annoying Players

Some players have a habit of wanting to ruin roleplay for others, which is why we leave it to our community to deal with these people. If a player is doing one of the following you may kill them without a roleplay reason after a warning, or call an admin for help:

  • [1] Excessive microphone spamming.
  • [2] Any sort of spamming, which includes text chat spamming, flashlight spamming or toolgun spamming.
  • [3] Players spawning props in your base when asked to remove them.

[F] Teleporter

Certain maps contain teleporters in place of doorways. These teleporters can carry both players and yells through them and can be owned and locked like any door. Still, due to the nature of them not being accessible in traditional means, they carry some limitations:

  • [1] You cannot have raidable objects such as grubs placed and active in these areas if they are in-door areas
  • [2] Make sure to yell raid like you would with any other base, yells are carried through the door, but you must be close to them.

[G] Character Customization - PAC3

You can craft a item in the game to use Player Appearance Customizer, otherwise known as "PAC3". With this tool you can build any character you want, but like with bases try and keep it reasonable. Please do not use trails or sun beams. Exploiting PAC in any way, which includes but is not limited to making yourself invisible, giant or adding giant props will result in an instant unwarned kick. Repeated offense will result in a ban. Please refrain from using models from custom addons off the workshop. If someone else does not have the content, they will see a huge flashing error. if you see other's with custom models, they have taken extra steps to make that possible. Please refer to the PAC "help" section to learn how to do this.

  • [1] Do not alter your hitbox.
  • [2] Do not change your playermodel to anything other than a human model (meaning no Super Mutants, Protectrons, etc)
  • [3] Do not use sunbeams.
  • [4] Do not use giant props.
  • [5] PAC parts are only to be used on your player and your possessions.
  •  [6] Sounds are permitted, as long as you know and understand how to use "sound levels" properly. If someone can hear your sound from far away, you need to remove it until you learn how to use them properly.
  • [7] Do not spam sounds or music.
  • [8] Changing your player into inanimate objects or into a position that hides you is not permitted. (Ex: Solid Snake "cardboard box" PACs are not allowed.)
  •  [9] Do not make yourself transparent or invisible under any circumstance. Violators of this rule will have PAC immediately revoked.
  • [10] "Effects" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
  • [11] "Trails" are prohibited unless the user knows and understands how to use them properly.
  • [12] Using the PAC camera to see through walls will result in immediate removal of PAC from user and possible suspension from server.
  • [13] You cannot PAC yourself as wearing in-game armors that are items unless you are wearing an armor better than the one you are pacing as. For example, you cannot PAC yourself as wearing a T60 if you're wearing T-51. You can pac yourself as wearing T-51 if you're wearing a T60. This is for obvious reasons. However, you can PAC on PIECES of an armor (IE: Leg plates, Chestplates, Arm pieces, etc.). This only counts for pieces of body armor, you still have to wear the helmet. 
  • [14]Some armors  that are not currently implemented as items in the gamemode are not  allowed to be used for Pac. This includes but is not limited to: Hellfire, Chinese Stealth Suit,  and X-01. Please ask a staff member if an armor that is not an item may be used for pac beforehand.
  • [15] You cannot PAC on Event Armors unless you are wearing them. You may PAC on  certain event armor parts. (Ranger coat,, for example.)
  • [16] You cannot use publicly released PACs, such as CapsAdmin PACs, example PACs, and PACs that people release on Youtube that are widely used. Be original, make your own PAC like everyone else.
  • [17]  Follower pacs are not allowed  at all unless it has been seen  and approved  by a csc or  owner. Saying you got approval from a mod or admin is the same as none at all.
  • [18] You may not pac on full armors that are items in the Gamemode including but not limited to Hellfire, X-01, and Chinese Stealth Armor
  • [19] You may not place  re-sized  items on your body that  wouldn't  make  sense  to be  re-sized. Such as A nuka machine used as  backpack. Or making a super sledge 5 times  larger.
  • [20] Please do not use a pac with disproportionate limbs, if you don't know how to size pacs correctly, don't use them.

The PAC-related rules may be invalidated and only invalidated for you if given permission by a CSC or higher.  If you  put back on the rule breaking pac/pac part, you will be banned without hesitation.

[H] Out Of Character

Also refereed to as OOC, Out Of Character means means talking to other players on the global chat about content NOT related to roleplay.  Any content that is discussed in OOC which pertains to roleplay or is for the use of an advantage over other players, is considered metagaming and is not allowed. Please use discretion when using OOC. 

[I] Loss of Items

Please do not ask for items to be returned to you for a bad reason, use common sense when asking for a refund. Admins are not always required to reimburse you, but we will try too if it is absolutely necessary or unfair to you, however these are some examples of when you won't be refunded:

  • [1] Someone taking your items due to any death.
  • [2] Being Raided.
  • [3] Death By Hunger.
  • [4] A Roleplay related death.

[J] Vending Machines

You are able to build vending machines that allow you to sell most items at a price you can specify. These vending machines can be placed anywhere on the map, but there are some regulations.

  • [1] Vending machines cannot be within 50 meters of a spawn point, vending machines violating this rule may be "moved".
  • [2] If you put a vending machine in someone else's property without permission, it will be "moved".
  • [3] You can only place items in the vending machine that you actually intend to sell. You are not permitted to use the vending machine to store items, IE, Put oranges  in the machine and try to sell it for 1000 of each resource. 

[K] Minging

Minging is the act of intentionally being a nuisance to other people. This was limited at one point but now regulations will have to be put in place .

  • [1] Creating an alternative character  solely for the act of  minging or  disassociating  your main character from your acts of mingery  may now result in a ban. Minging will be described below.
Minging  can be acts like, but not limited to; 
  • [2] Creating a new character and spending your time drawing every mob you find into a town. 
  • [3] Stealing cars and just driving them off and leaving them somewhere random with no other intentions. 
  • [4] Punching the air all around a person for no reason (Punch whoring). 
  • [5] Creating new characters or using regular one and going around bending rules, loop-holing,  or otherwise being a nuisance to the player population without them being able to stop you. 
  • [6] Minging also includes invalid rp names. Don't use names like "XxX_QuicksCop3_XxX", you will be asked to change it, refusal may result in a ban. 
Players who do this have been noted to be our least productive/fulfilling players, and we will not hesitate to remove you if you impede the rp, or or regular game-play of our other players.

[L] Forum Rules

Here you will find some General Information you should probably know before posting

  • [1] No flaming.
  • [2] No bullying.
  • [3] Try not to derail threads.
  • [4] NSFW content should be put in a spoiler.
  • [5] You cannot advertise PNRP in-game items for sale for ooc goods.
  • [6] No spamming.
  • [7] Don't bump old threads without a good reason.
  • [8] Signature/Avatar guidelines: not stupidly large, not NSFW.
  • [9] No double posting!  (unless you're posting in a topic where editing is disabled.)
  • [10] No posting things that have nothing to do with anything on serious topics (The forums are moderated and the posts will be removed).
  • [11] Do not use tinyurl links, they're a common source of viruses and will be deleted if they're used.
  • [12] Do not shitpost/generally be an asshole on serious threads (Mod apps, Ban Appeals, Player Reports, etc.). Doing this too much will result in being temp banned.