An Annual Gainesville Ultimate Tradition since 1982 !

Frostbreaker is currently the longest running Ultimate tournament
in the state of Florida.
As always, we would like to make Frostbreaker 2016 a tribute
to "Spirit Of The Game"
which is what sets Ultimate apart from other competitive team sports.

When :  April 15-16, 2017
Where :  Citizens Field - Gainesville,  Florida
Who :   Up to 20 Coed Teams
Format: 4/3


Kellie Diehl  &  Dan DePaul  
Pick Ups - If you don't have a team to play with but, would like to come play OR if your team needs players, please email us and we will try to help you. 

Gender rules.
If you have 4 or more women you must play 4/3
If you only have 3 women you can play 5/2
If you only have 2 women you will you still have to play 5/2 or play a man down.
NO 6/1 !
Offense dictates

Frostbreaker Discs for Sale

1 for $15   2 for $25

Many props to Wayne Irwin's Pure Energy Solar - a local Ultimate Player owned and operated Solar Power Company for his generous lending of The Tower Of Power !

Hucket buckets will be available for purchase.

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