Fight the WEB 2.0 Patent

A US patent could change the web as we know it

A recent patent that has been approved states the ownership of interactive web applications. I quote:

"A host computer, containing processes for creating rich-media applications, is accessed from a remote user computer system via an Internet connection. User account information and rich-media component specifications are uploaded over the Internet for a specific user account. Rich-media applications are created, deleted, or modified in a user account, with rich-media components added to, modified in, or deleted from the rich-media application based on information contained in a user request. After creation, the rich-media application is viewed or saved on the host computer system, or downloaded to the user computer system over the Internet."

What have done is steal an evolving idea that is used by Sun microsystems, Google, Microsoft, Adobe (Macromedia) plus thousands of developers worldwide.

If I could patent shoes I wouldn't even do it ( I would make tonnes of money) as it would inconvenience people for something they have already got used to using.  Plus I didn't invent shoes so this is unethical.

Although the patent is only valid in the US, this stark approval by the US patent office reflects on how ignorant those officers really are.

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