WELCOME to St. Pete Front Runners (and walkers)!    Join us at 9am Saturday morning - - - see schedule below.    Everyone welcome!

Walk / Run Saturday at 9:00am

        followed by breakfast at a nearby “family friendly” eatery

  • 1st Saturday - Meet at Old Northeast Coffee Pot Park - Located at 1st Street and 30th Ave N. This has typically been our turn-around point on our 1st Sat walk/runs.    Host: Rob Pressrich
  • 2nd Saturday     - Pinellas Point - Bay Vista Park - located at the intersection of Pinellas Point Drive and 4th Street South.   Host: Phil Rearick   
  • 3rd Saturday - Sunset Beach - Bedrox Pavilion - located at 8000 W.Gulf Blvd (turn South off of Blind Pass) and proceed to 80th Ave.   Host: Bruce Bates
  • 4th Saturday  - Gulfport - Clymer Park - located on Gulfport Blvd (22nd Ave S) and Beach Blvd (55th Street).  Host: Al May                           

Front Runner Membership - Membership is $25 which goes towards group expenses, insurance and social events. You can link here to electronically submit your renewal dues.

A Word about Tampa vs. St. Pete Front Runner groups - For you newer members, Front Runners Tampa Bay is our official, registered Front Runner organization that encompasses both Tampa and St. Pete. The St. Pete group began as a grass roots extension of the Tampa group. So, we join, and pay dues to Front Runners Tampa Bay (Tampa group). The benefit to joining, for us "burg'ers," is that we are covered by their insurance and we get invited to their social events. And, hopefully going forward will once again participate in joint outings (stay tuned).  In the old days (years and years ago), the dues also included a t-shirt, newsletter and phone list. Well, times change. What hasn't changed is that we welcome everyone. Just thought it would be good to explain who we are.