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Following is a list of addresses of some important and useful websites.   You may open the sites by simple mouse-click. We invite you to suggest about such sites to enrich this list.


The links and addresses are arranged under different headings:      

    Bengali Links : A bengali website for anything and everything. : A bengali e-magazine containing variety of topics. : Official website of Govt. of West Bengal. : A site to get link for internet purchase of books. : A bengali language site. : A site to get information of books. : A guide to Kolkata. : A monthly bengali leterary magazine. : A poetry magazine.   : A monthly web magazine on art and literature. : A bengali we magazine of literature mainly.   : A bengali magazine dealing with cultural aspect of the life of people and society. 


    Bengali Newspapers : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Kolkata. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Kolkata. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Kolkata. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Kolkata. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh. : Bengali daily newspaper  published from Bangladesh.

     Education : Links to educative books and toys for learning by doing.

 :Review articles and tutorials in an encyclopedic format.

     Environment & Development : Pesticide action network reports on problem related to chemical pesticides. Reports toxic-hazard related news and views. : A non-profit international network devoted to development issues of Third World. :A directory of different environment related information and action groups.  : Contains literature on energy, economy, development, environment, etc. Provides information about biomass-energy.

    General : A site providing help to view earth from any location above. : A free encyclopedia in different languages. : A site for downloadable books. : Earthquake hazard program. Librarian's Internet Index is a site from where one can get access to the sites of Art, History, literature, etc. It is about various aspects of maps of India. Contains photographs of Old Calcutta. To see book reviews of The New York Times.


      Human Rights : Initiative to promote the idea of freedom of speech and association. : A worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights. : Citizens commission on human rights dealing with human rights abuse in Psychiatry practice. : The site of well known Human Rights Watch group. :A site of anti-slavery group which tells us that the Slavery is not History.   : Online archive on social conflicts (communal, caste, gender, ethnic), human rights, etc.  :Magazine for human rights and development.    : A campaign to stop foreign funding to the organizations having communal antecedent.

    Media   : Dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of alternative press. : A directory of independent critical press. For BBC news. : It is about affairs in Burma. : For news & views on social issues. : Campaigns for extension of internet services. : An Indian chapter of  imc, i.e., Independent Media center (Indymedia). : A democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate & passionate telling of truth. : It's mission is to amplify the power of independent publication. : A site to present alternative views on different national & global issues.   : A directory of Alternate news sources. : A pro-freedom, pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-development alternative media network. : New Internationalist is a communication network to report on world poverty, inequality, etc.   : Brings together the latest news & views of different organizations promoting human rights, etc. : It is an association of reporters serving the public interest. The website is to work for press freedom. Online resources of news, opinion & information. It is daily news service of the developing world.

     Health including Mental Health & Psychology :A highly informative site on health, medicine, surgery, etc.    : A party to the movement of "health for all by 2000" program. : Information from a private company who provide extensive information on health topics. : Health information & services.   : A site to provide information about availability of blood. : Simple guide to understand common mental disorders. : Indian National Institute on Mental Health. : A group to help create a society better able to meet human needs & bring about social justice.  

     Music :A site to give an overview of indian classical music. : A site to find links to other people's music.

    http://homepage.mac/patrickmoutal/macmoutal/rag.htm : A collection of indian classical musics & songs of old masters. : A site containing links to indian musics of different States.   : Contains information about the works of Salil Chaudhuri.

     Newspaper & Periodicals  : Pakistan's most widely circulated English language news paper.  : A socialist magazine whose first editor was Paul Sweezy.  : A daily news paper of New Zealand.   : English daily published from Kolkata & Delhi.    :Newspaper of USA. Newspaper of USA. : A news magazine from India. A daily newspaper from India.

     Science & Technology Journal Bulletin of atomic Scientists is a magazine of global security news and analysis. : Discusses about sustainable agricultural practices, abuses of science and also its prospects. : International weekly journal of Science. : A science journal. Science & technology news from radical perspective. It is a website for conversation about various aspects on science.

     Social Actions : A support group for the freedom of Tibet.  : In support of the struggle for the fundamental rights to decide one's way of life.      : Historical background of Tibet issue. For information about the recent struggle of the people of Nepal.


    Socialist Forum : A magazine containg articles on various global issues. : A news site with socialist view.

     Women issues : A forum for women-issues of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. : It is a women's e-magazine.


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