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Vol 39 No.9    September 17-23 2006

'The Next Attack'

Comment: "Call To Honour"

Note: Pricing Drugs -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Let Two Flowers Bloom in the Middle East -Rnjit Sau

Madrasas And Terrorism -Yoginder Sikand

Atonement of Columbian Crime -Sisir Kr Majumder

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Venezuela: Revolution of Hope


Vol 39 No.8    September 10-16 2006

Brutalising PSUs

Comment: Aids & Health Bureaucracy

Note: Beyond The Blasts -N. Divakar

Culture: Vulture, Hawk, Ostrich -Ranjit Sau

Fascism -Yesterdar & Today -Ghali Hassan

'The Enemy' -Debaranjan Sarangi



Vol 39 No.7    September 3-9 2006

The Strategy of Pacification

Comment: Lip Service Won't Do

Note: No Public Accountability -Usha Ramanathan

Tabligh Jamat & Hindu Revivalism -Yoginder Sikand

They Also Serve -Madhu Dogra, Bharat Dogra

Relevance of Rosa -Peter Hudis

New Film by Kasaravalli & Viswanathan -A. Ghosh-Dastidar

Reviewing the Mahabharata -Ramkrishna Bhattacharya



Vol 39 No.6       Aug27-Sep 2 2006

Freedom From Poverty

Comment: Foreign Enclave

Note: Targeting Dalits ? -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Zapatista Movement: Reinventing Revolution

Butterfly Effects & the Nasaralla Factor -Ranjit Sau

West Bengal: Industrial Regeneration? -Bibekananda Ray

Point of View: Kashmir : Why Not Self-Rule? -P N Raina & M M Gupta



Vol 39 No.5      August 20-26 2006

Dual Power


Comment: Looking for Salvation


Note: WTO in Crisis -M.K.  


Globalisation, Economic Flux and Surplus Value -Subhas Basu  


Orissa: Paradise of Private Players -Debranjan Sarengi


The World of Jayasree -An Interview  


Justice Delayed is Justice Denied -K. Jothi Sivagnanam  



Vol 39 No.4          August 13-19 2006 

No Role for UN  


Comment: Of Gates and Charity  


Note: Crossing the Limit  


American Imperialism and Nuclear Carrot -Hari Sharma  


Hundreds of Thousands Say 'No'-II -A Correspondent  


Caste in 'Class' -Subhas Ghatade


Separate Electorates for Dalits -Bharat Jhunjhunwala  


Destroying Local Drug Industry -Joseph Yu  





 Vol.39 No. 3             Aug 6-12 2006 

Beyond Beirut

Comment: Violence in Custody

Women and Technology  

Dalits: Law as Paper Tiger -Subhas Ghatade

Hundreds of Thousands Say 'No' -1 -A Correspondent

Lebanon: Continuing Conflict -Raja Halwani 

Privatize AIIMS and IITs -Bharat Jhunjhunwala 

Environment: The 'Tipping Point' -H E Ott



Vol.39 No. 2             July 30-Aug 5 2006 

What Ther are Marching For?

Comment : Back from Geneva

Note : Saddam Trial

The Thunder from Antiquity -Ranjit Sau

53 Years Later

Depleted Uranium in Iraq -Robert C Koehler

Indian Muslims and Paradoxes -Asgar Ali Engineer

Bhalobasar Anek Naam -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Autonomy & Discrimination -Subha Ghatade




Vol.39 No. 1                  July 23-29 2006 


India's Afghan Mission

Comment: Immigration Movement’


Note : Right to Food Security  - M.K.


Cup and Jingoism - T. G. Jacob


Coltan, Civil War & Genocide


Sri Lanka : No War,  No Peace ? - Sunil Bastian


Of Converted Dalits and Reservation


For Safe Energy - Bharat Jhunjhunwala


'Immigration Movement'


'Beyond the IMF' - Martin Khor






Vol.38 No. 52                  July 16-22 2006 


Redefining Agony

Comment : Exporting Detainees

Note : Mohan Vaidya and Ramin Jahanbegloo -AB

"Wayanad : Misery in an Emerald Bowl" -T. G. Jacob

RBI-induced Inflation -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

"The Professors ....." -Alan Goodman

Setting Chenub on Fire -Subhas Ghatade

Justice for Women in Conflict -Irene Khan



Vol.38 No.51                             July 9-15 2006  


'Of Human Bondage'

Comment : How to Preserve Cultural Diversity

Note : Rescuing Child Labour

Nepalese People's War : 'Ten Years That Shook the World'

A Fact Sheet on Pesticide Action Network -Medha Chandra

The Cobweb of Reservation -Bibekananda Ray

National Liberation Struggle in Chechnya -Pranjali Bandhu

BMIC -The Corridor of Despair -N. Dinakar

Of Hindu Sufism -Y.S.




 Vol.38 No.50                             July 2-8 2006


The Battle of Ideas

Comment : Tatas and the Left

Note : Brai Drain -M. K.

On the Theory of Islamic Economics -Ranjit Sau

Stalin & the Struggle for Democratic Reform II -Grover Furr

Agrarian Crisis Revisited -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Letters : The Other side of the River

               Why Farmland





Vol.38 No.49           June 25-July 1 2006     


Panic in The Dark

Comment : Oil - the Holy Cow

Note : Beyond Minority Rights

Land : Market Price, Fair Price -Ranjit Sau

Stalin & the Struggle for Democratic Reform I -Grover Furr

Share Markets Gone Bust For Good -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Of Dalits and culture

A One-Day Summit -Martin Khor

Not Enough Water -Sunita Narain



Vol.38 No.48             June 18-24 2006


Pascal Mission

Comment : The Hell on Earth

Note : The Economic Crisis Ahead

Maoist vs Salwa Judum : Towards a Civil War?

Letter from America : Inheritance, Wealth & Race -Manning Marable

The Real Threat ? -Subhas Ghatade

Science in the Private Interest -Correspondent

'Legacy of Einstein' -Madhusudan Pal

West Bengal : Lessons for Election Commission -Bibekananda Ray


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