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Balkans Oct 2003 - Feb 2004

3.Paklenica National Park,
4.Mostar station, 
5.large chess play in Sarajevo, 
6.Zemun, Habsburg  Empire limes, 
7."une Bellegradoise", 
8.the Danube in Belgrad, 
9.the mythical mount Zlatibor, where Kusturica shot his movie "life is a miracle", 
10. Serbian modern art: symbolic fight between love & communism, 
11.Belgrad: Paris of the East, 
12.Majestic cafe, starting point of Nicolas Bouvier & Thierry Vernet in 1953, 
13.Zemun Market.

ROMANIA: 1.2. Dracula castle and surroundings in Brasov, Carpathian, 3.palace of Ceaucescu, Bucarest, 4.statue of Vlad-Dracula, 
TURKEY: 5.6.Cappadoccia, its villages & troglodyte churches, 7.mount Nimrod & royal shrine in snow, 8. Crusader fortress in Anamur, 9.wood storage in trees near Kurdish mount Taurus,10.Kas, 11.famous Ilhara valley between Ankara & Antalya