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In 1993, I have been the orienting captain and member of a 5 person team [including 1woman] in the  “Raid Gauloises” Madagascar, a famous 400 miles-10 days map and compass adventure race in extreme conditions using multisports skills like climbing, canyoning, kayaking, hiking, sky-diving, horseback riding, mountain biking.Our Team Foreign Legion comprised Bob Alzon, Fred Garnier, Eric & Lisa, we arrived 16th, out of 43 teams after 10 exhausting days.

Raid Gauloises Madagascar 1993

Raid Gauloise. 1993.§Raid Gauloise. 1993.

Raid Gauloise. 1993.§Raid Gauloise. 1993.
On the map, I traced in purple the Raid Gauloises Route, which started by a skydive on the Makay plateau, followed by a 5 days trek in the Makay massif, 2 days down the Mangkok river by canoe, 1 day trek in the baobab forest and 2 days sea-kayak until Tulear. We even had our own photographer, Marc Roussel (see photos), and were sponsored by HP, thanks to Fred Garnier position in their marketing.