posted Oct 7, 2011, 3:22 AM by Gilles Depardieu

One year later, called by Mark Burnett, we registered for the 1998 Morocco Race, with a more media-friendly team name, "Foreign Legion":

Having acquired enough experience, and having spent 10 years as a kid in the country, I felt I was ready to be the team Captain, and as usual I was also in charge of orienting.
The best point of this orienting/captain role will be that Orienting and Team Leaders will not have to argue endlessly about the best decisions. The drawback will be that it will mean a bit of overload for me, but I felt ready.

The race started with a camel and sea-kayak event near Essaouira on the coast, and followed by a trek, horse and biking race until the finish line in Marrakech. 
We managed to arrive with a good ranking thanks to our orienting performance in the Atlas Mountain (1st team)