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In 1996, Ecochallenge founder & British TV reality guru [Survivor] Mark Burnett  took over Raid Gauloises license by paying a handsome reward to Gerard Fusil, the French sport journalist & Raid founder.

Mark Burnett then invited my foreign legion friend, Bob, to participate in the successive Ecochallenge events.

The rules stay roughly the same: 1 woman minimum in a team reduced to 4 participants [5 for the Raid], multisports, multidays event with no break in between. A big plus compared to the Raid, is that the logistic will be provided by the Organization and not by the teams.
A Youtube promo video here about Ecochallenge: 

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One year later, called by Mark Burnett, we registered for the 1998 Morocco Race, with a more media-friendly team name, "Foreign Legion":

Having acquired enough experience, and having spent 10 years as a kid in the country, I felt I was ready to be the team Captain, and as usual I was also in charge of orienting.
The best point of this orienting/captain role will be that Orienting and Team Leaders will not have to argue endlessly about the best decisions. The drawback will be that it will mean a bit of overload for me, but I felt ready.

The race started with a camel and sea-kayak event near Essaouira on the coast, and followed by a trek, horse and biking race until the finish line in Marrakech. 
We managed to arrive with a good ranking thanks to our orienting performance in the Atlas Mountain (1st team)


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ECOCHALLENGE  Australia 1997

With Bob Alzon, following our 1993 Madagascar adventure with Raid Gauloise organization, we recreated a new team called "Paris" with Bob's wife, Beatrice, to participate in the Marc Burnett/Discovery Channel ECOCHALLENGE adventure race in Australia in 1997: 
We started by a long trek in the outback followed by canoe down the Barron, jungle trekking, bike and sea kayak. We were in sight of the finishing line, after 10 days of efforts, when we had to give up because of the loss of a sea-kayak.

Eco Challenge 1997

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