March 2nd, 2013, Earth Sciences Building, University of British Columbia

Frontiers in Biophysics is a yearly event for researchers who apply quantitative methods to biology. This includes biologists, computer scientists, chemists, mathematicians and physicists (in alphabetical order).  The keynote address this year will be "What can computational modeling tell us about cell motility?" by Professor Charles Wolgemuth, from the University of Arizona.

The proceedings are open to all but the location is perhaps most accessible from the region surrounding Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Registration is free, but mandatory, for logistical reasons. The registration deadline is the 23rd of February.  Participants who wish to give a talk or present a poster must submit an abstract.  The abstract submission deadline is the 11th of February.

We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors: The Pacific Institute for Mathematical Science, The Institute of Applied Mathematics and the Mathematics Department, all at the University of British Columbia.