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Lake Windermere is 17 km long and 2 km wide at its widest point.  The lake is approximately 64 m deep at its deepest point.  It has a surface area of approximately 14.7 km2 and a volume of approximately 314,546,000 cubic metres.  The drainage basin feeding the lake is 230.5 km2.

The lake is divided into two basins of roughly equal length. The dividing line between the two is from Cockshott Point, Belle Isle, Lillies of the Valley to the western shore.  The water depth is generally less than 5 m in this area.

Lake depths are given in metres. Depths are reduced to Chart Datum which is approximately 40 metres above Ordnance Datum Newlyn 1972.  A depth conversions scale bar is provided for the chart user allowing the easy conversion of metres to feet and fathoms.  

Restricted Navigation

Access to pull Wyke Bay is restricted (for ecological reasons) between 1st May and 1st August in any year,

Access to High Wray Bay is prohibited for all vessels at all times.  This bay is reserved for public bathing. 


Chart Layout 

The two 5mm lines in the chart border indicate the centre of the chart.  They can be used to assist folding the chart.

The outer compass rose indicates grid north.  The inner compass rose indicates magnetic north.  The test 4° W 2000 (30'E) indicates that magnetic north was 4° west of grid north, and that it is reducing by 30' annually.

The chart projection is Transverse Mercator, Airy spheroid (1936).  Positions are on the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain (1936) datum.  This is also know as the National Grid.  This chart uses the full coordinate system, with six digits for each northing and easting.  A position quoted to 1m accuracy on this chart therefore requires a twelve digit grid reference.

Some maps and GPS devices reduce the number of digits needed to give a National Grid reference by removing the first digit of the northing and easting to give a ten digit grid reference.  This ten digit number is then prefixed with a two-letter code.  All positions South of 500 000 N should be prefixed with the letters SD.  All positions north of 500 000 N should be prefixed with the letters NY.  The position of Tuft Rock can therefore be quoted in two ways:

Full:                           339 945 E     497 830 N

Letter Code (NY):    39945 E        97830 N

The representation of roads, tracks, paths, jetties, etc. on the chart , does not indicate the presence of a public right of way.