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The Windermere Lake Chart is designed for both lake users and visitors to the Lake District who want an accurate, scale map of Lake Windermere and it's surrounding area.  The chart shows all features of the lake, including bathymetric data (water depth), services, landing stages and jetties.  In addition all the terrestrial features such car parks, public toilets, public telephones, etc. are also shown.

The chart scale is 1 : 10 000, with detailed inset diagrams of Lakeside and Fell Foot Park and Windermere Marina shown at 1 : 5 000.  The chart is double sided, printed on high quality 150g paper and measures 98x61 cm.

Frontier Developments (Int) Ltd is proud of the detail and quality of the chart which would be an important aid to lake use, or an attractive reminder of a visit to the Lake District.