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Bandits are stealing your grain, a border dispute has ignited with Crescent Hold, and your guard force accidentally murdered an innocent, bringing about peasant uprisings. Amidst this climate the Autarch's spies are everywhere. It is only a matter of time before they launch a full scale assault. There aren't enough resources to deal with all of these threats - so what gets ignored?

Wrath of the Autarch is a tabletop kingdom building game. The players create a society over the course of the campaign, called the Stronghold. One player controls the schemes of the Autarch, the ruler of an empire which opposes the Stronghold. The other players control important leaders and heroes from the Stronghold. The campaign ends when either the Autarch is stopped or the Stronghold falls.

The Stronghold players must use their land and resources wisely, prioritizing their activities each season in an attempt to thwart the Autarch. Wrath of the Autarch features troupe style play, 4X domain management, a special challenge system that lets all the players add to the narrative, and four types of minigames (diplomacy, infiltration, skirmish, and warfare) to handle the various missions the Stronghold players undertake.

In order to play, you will need lots of six sided dice (about 25) of a variety of colors, note cards, as well as either the Deck of Fate (preferred) or four Fate Dice. Something will also be needed to represent the characters in the minigames, either miniatures, printed character counters, or some other sort of tokens.

Will you build up a military force to stop the Autarch? Use diplomacy and convince the scattered factions around you to unite for a common cause? Go on perilous quests for legendary artifacts? Or ignore the great risks, and harness the power of the arcane arts? How much will you sacrifice for your independence?

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