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Support Frontier: 2170

Frontier: 2170, for me, is a labor of love. I spend a lot of time (counting the conceptualization process, 24/7/365) writing and drawing the comic, making sure the website works and promoting the comic online so that people all around the world can appreciate the fruits of my labor free of charge over the internet.

However, the out-of-pocket cost to make it; to buy the paper, inks and other supplies I need to produce each and every page, is too much for me to continue to give my work away for free, especially in this day and age where everyone is busy trying to make ends meet, including myself. I don't want to make people buy subscriptions to continue reading, and I also know that it would be all but impossible to keep people from buying a subscription and then distributing my work over the internet for free.

So, if you like Frontier: 2170, and want me to be able to continue producing it so you can read more, there are several ways you can support the comic.

 - Firstly, you can make a donation directly to me. I have a project set up on Kickstarter, where you'll be able to donate in exchange for a cameo appearance in Frontier:  2170 (and who wouldn't want that?).  Bear in mind that the project will only be accepting funding until Monday May 9, 1:58am EDT, and if it doesn't reach the project minimum, none of the money pledged gets paid out (and as a result, people don't get their cameos).

 - If giving money in exchange for something available for free doesn't do it for you, you can buy the mugs, t-shirts, coasters and other bright shiny objects available at the Trading Post over at CafePress. The bunny mugs in particular (I have one within arm's reach right now) are fantastic and well worth the money paid for them.

Additionally, you can buy print copies in a conveniently-sized volume format.  Volume 01 is available for pre-order at the low cost of US$5.00.  Details here.

 - If, for whatever reason, you can't afford to contribute money to help pay to keep Frontier: 2170 going, then I urge you to spread the word and help get more people to read it. Post links to the comic on Facebook, Twitter, and online forums; tell friends, family and coworkers about it; write articles and blog about it; show off your bunny mugs to people... there are many ways to go about spreading the word and help support this project. Even if you've already donated money and/or bought shinies from CafePress, spreading the word can't and won't hurt, I promise (unless, of course you do something silly like scrawl the web address all over a billboard in blood; then I would suggest you see a psychiatrist before it's too late ;D ).

So, get going! Help me continue making this comic so you can enjoy the continuing misadventures of Jon, Tallen, Misty and the rest. I don't think you'll regret it.