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The creator of Frontier:  2170 (me) is dependent on people like you buying the books and the like in order to continue producing more of the comic you love.  Here's how you can help.

Current Page:  Stage 08, Page 06

年月日20130910:  Frontier:  2170 Volume 02 is available to order!

After far too long, Frontier:  2170 Volume 02, "First Blood," is available to buy on and at CreateSpace.  It is a 140-page, B&W paperback that contains Stage 04, Stage 05, Stage 06, and the first Interlude.  Links to the place to order can be found in the Store.

年月日20120118: I am trying to make a career for myself using my skill set, which would not be possible if people were not free to share my comics over the internet. As a content creator, copyright holder and a fledgling small business owner, I must oppose the SOPA and PIPA bills.

• A one-page guide to SOPA
• A technical overview of the SOPA and PIPA bills
• How these bills would break DNS
• Free speech on the web

年月日20110621:  Pre-Order Your Copy Of Frontier:  2170 Volume 01 Today!

It is official, I am now accepting pre-orders for Frontier:  2170 Volume 01 "Easy Street."

For a mere US$5.00 each, you will get a 104-page, B&W paperback signed personally by the creator.  This offer ends on August 17, 2011.  Details here

年月日20110111:  Sorry about the wait.  I will make no excuses for not updating for almost two months.  That said, I intend to update every Tuesday and Friday.

年月日20101104:  Ranking milestone reached.

Today, Frontier:  2170 made it into the top 1,000 on the Top Web Comics (estimated to have somewhere around 10,000 entries).  Thanks for your support, everyone.  Let's try for the top 100!

年月日20101020:  Website updated.

All of Stage 02 and Stage 03 completed thus far is posted and available to read.  Widgets and other features will be added when I feel like it, but the site is ready to go live and be read.

年月日20101019:  Inception.

I am experimenting with Google Sites in an attempt to build the sort of site I want for my webcomic, Frontier:  2170, which has migrated from host to host on an almost chapter-by-chapter basis.  If you're looking for Frontier:  2170 in full, all of it has not been uploaded here yet.  Currently, Frontier:  2170 is hosted in its entirety at  Please read it.

Currently, the Prologue and Stage 01 are uploaded, but I will eventually replace the Stage 01 art with the updated pages once I get around to it.