This website will be used to track the progress of the boys from the shed as they prepare the bikes that will be used to run on the Salt Lakes at Lake Gairdner South Australia.
Inspired by the great Burt Monroe and his offerings to the Gods of Speed, and the success of the Hillclimber built for Albany Vintage Hillclimb 2010.
A message from Wayne

The Albany Hill Climb event has changed us, and by us I mean Charlie and me. As soon as we got home Charlie started planning and scheming about building a fire breathing hill climber (I guess that I am not the only one that likes kicking English bike booty).

So with that in mind we sat down and planned out a strategy – long, low, light frame with a big cube, big HP engine. So what we have so far is a 101 frame and a Standard Scout 750 engine that we plan to stroke to about 1000cc, fit some huge cams and port and massage to with an inch of its life.

Sound like a fabbo plan so far, which it was until Geo though a spanner in the works. Geo planted the idea of a LSR. What the heck is a LSR I hear you wail?

Land Speed Record

Yes, I have seen the World’s Fastest Indian, no we don’t want to do 200 mph and no we bear no resemblance to Burt Monroe and lastly save the jokes – I think we have all heard them all by now.

Lake Gairdner in SA hosts a speed week, run by the Dry Lake Racers Australia, every year in late March and with about 1000 categories to run in there is definitely something we could be competitive in.

Initially we were just going to take the hill-climber and have a bit of fun but we discovered that the vintage 600cc category is only at about 80 mph and the 750cc is about 120 mph so far. So that sits squarely in army scout territory. We are still building the 101 hill climber for Albany, but we are now also building a stripped bare, custom low, (chrome moly) framed, supercharged 741 as well. We already have the supercharger and the engine and just need to get started on the frame next.

So why am I telling you guys all about this? Well so far we have two Indians  built for the hillclimb and this stage at least three heading for Speed Week, but at this stage no Harleys. By letting you know early gives you time to get your act together and start to plan and build a bike. I know it’s a huge task and it can be a tad daunting hot rodding a 80 year old bike. But keep in mind it’s all been done before so making a WLA go fast is just a matter of research. I have afew ideas and I’m happy to share if one if you guys wants to have a go: just need a bit frame, forks, engine an gearbox and a bit of sweat.

Have a look at some of the links below.

Follow our progress here on this web page and lets have some fun.


Some Videos from this years Albany 2010 Hill Climb - Look out for the Indians Wayne and Charlie


Albany 2010


Albany 2010





We are ready!

Primed for launch

Go.... Go..... Go....

Everyone needs a wing man.... or brake man....