Welcome to the home of the United Arab Emirates teams from online cricket management game www.fromthepavilion.org .

For now there is an ever growing amount here, in future... who knows where it will end.

For now look what I have put up, and visit our forum: http://ftpuae.inventforum.com/

Latest additions:
  • A National Team section
    • A world cup section - with stats and reviews from all the games.
    • A tours section.
      • with a full review of tour 1
      • ¬†Updated Tour 2 (I'd love volenteers to write-up the other tours)
      • Updated Tour 3
      • Full review of Tour 4
    • The Manager's Blogs are here as well as the forums.
    • NT Honours board from Season 3 to 5.
  • An U19s section.
    • Info on tours: who they are/were with and results and some reports.
    • An awards section from season's 3 and 4.
    • a World Cup page.
  • A brief PCC team and info.