This Argus camera timeline is mainly based on the book Argomania by Henry J. Gambino. Rebadged cameras not manufactured by Argus are not included. Pictures, unless otherwise specified, have been kindly provided by the Ann Arbour District Library and published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.
Kadette Model 35 (1936)
Before making cameras, Argus began as a radio manufacturer named International Radio Corporation (IRC). Argus A (1936-1941)
35mm viewfinder camera with fixed-focus lens.

1937 Argus AF (1937-1938)
35mm viewfinder camera with focusing mount.
Argus B (1937)
As Argus A but with Prontor shutter, very rare.
1938 Argus C (1938-1939)
35mm camera with non-coupled rangefinder.

US2176621, US2298787, Des.110516 Argus C2 (1938-1942)
Same as Argus C but with coupled rangefinder.

US2176621, US2298787, US2397546
Argus A2 / A2B (prewar) (1939-1942)
With an extinction-type exposure meter and fixed-focus lens. Production resumed after the war.

US2229276 Argus A2F (1939-1941)
With an extinction-type exposure meter and focusing mount.

Argus C3 (prewar) (1939-1942)
Same as Argus C2 but with flash synchronization. Production resumed after the war.

US2176621, US2298787, US2397546, US2298107 Argus M (1939-1940)
Viewfinder camera for 828 film.

Argus D (1939)
35mm viewfinder camera with spring motor drive, it was never sold. Argus K (1939-1940)
Like Argus D but without spring motor drive, very rare.
1940 Argus AA Argoflash (1940-1942)
Like Argus A but with flash synchronization. Argus CC Colorcamera (1940-1942)
35mm viewfinder camera with a selenium exposure meter.

US2357328, Des.127995 Argus A3 (1940-1942)
Like Argus CC but with an extinction-type exposure meter.

US2378406, US2357328, Des.127996 Argoflex E (prewar) (1940-1942)
6×6 TLR camera for 120 and 620 film.
Body made of plastic. Production resumed after the war. Argus PA Slide Projector (1940s)
Unlike earlier slide projectors made by other companies and sold under the Argus brand name, the Argus PA Slide Projector was the first made by Argus in Ann Arbour.

US2364627, US2361398, Des.132852
World War II
During the war Argus ceased civilian production and contributed to the war effort by making military equipment. Argus won the Army-Navy "E" award five times for high production quality.
1946 Argus A2 / A2B (postwar) (1946-1950)
Postwar version of the Argus A2 / A2B with coated lens.
Argus C3 (postwar) (1946-1958)
Postwar version of the Argus C3 with coated lens.
Argoflex E (postwar) (1946-1948)
Postwar version of the Argoflex E with coated lens and only for 620 film.
1947 Argus 21 Markfinder (1947-1952)
35mm camera with bright-line viewfinder.

US2655847, US2532300, Des.150228 Argus 19 / Minca 28 /
Camro 828 / Delco 828
Postwar versions of the Argus M for 828 film.

US2358321, US2537110
Argoflex II (1947-1948)
6×6 TLR camera with automatic film wind which didn't work properly and was soon discontinued. Very rare. Body made of metal.

US2544647, US2563811, Des.150230
Argoflex EM (1948)
Like Argoflex II but without the automatic film wind.

US2544647, US2563811, Des.150230 Argoflex EF (1948-1951)
Like Argoflex EM but with flash hot shoe.

US2544647, US2563811, Des.150230
1949 Argoflex / Argus Seventy-Five (1949-1958)
6×6 pseudo TLR camera with fixed-focus lens.

US2664799, Des.154850
1950 Argus FA (1950-1951)
Postwar version of the Argus A with flash synchronization. Argoflex 40 / Argus 40 /
Argoflex Model
6×6 pseudo TLR camera with focusing lens.

US2664799, Des.154850
1951 Argus C4 (1951-1957)
35mm rangefinder camera.
1953 Argus A-Four (1953-1956)
35mm viewfinder camera.

1954 Argus Super Seventy-Five (1954-1958)
Simplified and less expensive Argoflex 40 version.

US2664799, Des.154850
1956 Argus C44 (1956-1957)
Same as Argus C4 but with interchangeable lenses through a bayonet mount.

US3057278 Argus C-Twenty (1956-1958)
Updated version of the Argus A-Four with coupled rangefinder.

1958 Argus C3 Standard (1958-1966)
Redesigned Argus C3, in this picture with an accessory exposure meter. Argus C3 Match-Matic (1958-1966)
Same as C3 Standard but with beige and black finish, EV scale and a non-coupled LC3 exposure meter.

Picture by John Kratz (CC BY-NC-SA) Argus C3 Golden Shield (1958-?)
Same as C3 Match-Matic but with silver finish. Argus C4R (1958)
Like Argus C4 but with a wind lever and rewind crank.

US3061222, US3061223 Argus C44R (1958-1962)
Same as Argus C44 but with a film wind lever and rewind crank.

US3061222, US3061223 Argus 75 (1958-1964)
6×6 pseudo TLR camera with fixed-focus lens.

US2664799, Des.154850
1959 Argus C33 (1959-1961)
35mm rangefinder camera with accessory CM2 selenium exposure meter.
1960 Argus Autronic 35 / Autronic C3 (1960-1962)
Autronic I (1960-1963)
35mm rangefinder camera with selenium exposure meter and automatic exposure control.

1962 Argus Autronic II (1962-1965)
Same as Autronic I but with a bright-line finder and a different design.


- Argus Model 12 (prototype)
Folding 35mm rangefinder camera, probably developed between the late 1940s and early 1950s.
- Argus C5 (prototype)
35mm rangefinder camera with variable viewfinder, probably developed in the 1950s.
Design for a photographic camera
US Design 122020, filed in 1940.
Never produced.
Design for a stereo camera
US Design 178365, filed in 1956.
Never produced.



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