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Department of Psychology, University of York


10.15am: Registration and coffee

11.15am: Welcome and introduction

11.30am: Keynote Lecture 1 – David Skuse (University College, London)

“Genetic, neural and hormonal influences on social cognition”

- with commentary from Elizabeth Meins -

12.45pm: Lunch

1.45pm: Keynote Lecture 2 Philip Corr (City University)

“From DNA (to personality) to social behaviour: The monkey puzzle”

- with commentary from Constantine Sedikidis -

3.00pm: Afternoon tea and poster session

4.00pm: Delegate talks

a) Harriet Over (University of York) – Young children’s prosocial behaviour

b) William Brown (University of Bedfordshire) – Signals of heritable true fitness in older men? 3D facial morphology, hormonal status and DNA methylation in paired box 3 (PAX3) and androgen receptor (AR) genes

c) Irene Berra (University of Messina & University of Amsterdam) – Reciprocity: No need to give it much thought

5.00pm: Keynote panel session

“Where next for biosocial science?”

6.00pm: Wine reception in the Department of Psychology

7pm – late: Dinner and drinks at Stonegate Yard Bar and Brasserie.


9.30am: Keynote Lecture 3 – Essi Viding (University College London)

“Using conduct problem phenotypes to illustrate the challenge of uncovering how genes and environments influence the development of social minds”

- with commentary from Timothy Bates -

10.45am: Coffee break

11.00am: Delegate presentations:

a) Alan Pickering (Goldsmiths, London)Modelling the relationships between extraversion and its endophenotypes.

b) Kathrin Weidacker (Swansea University) – tDCS on Behavioural Inhibition in an affective context.

c) Bonni Crawford (Cardiff University) – Individual differences in autism-related social traits are related to variation in function and structure of social brain regions.

d) Tim Andrews (University of York) – Interindividual differences in brain activity during natural viewing across different social groups.

12.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Delegate presentations:

a) Carmen Lefevre (University of Leeds) – The impact of subtle differences in skin colour on apparent health and attractiveness

b) Michael Stirrat (University of Stirling)fWHR: What is it good for?

c) Kelly Cobey (University of Stirling) – The impact of pregnancy and the post-partum on facial masculinity preferences

2.30pm: Coffee break

3.00pm: Keynote Lecture 4 – Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton)

“The unbearable lightness of being wonderful”

-  with commentary from Philip Corr -

4.15pm:  Closing remarks