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Tellabration! 2014

ellabration! 2014  
14thAnnual Storytelling Concert

Maumee Indoor Theater

601 Conant Street

Maumee, Ohio 43537
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


November 7, 2014


Featured Guest Storyteller

Jane Fink


Jane Fink is a member of the Ann Arbor Storyteller's Guild. She tells stories, along with other members of the Ann Arbor Storyteller's Guild, once a month at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room (Ann Arbor, MI). In November 2013, she participated in the Ann Arbor Tellabration!. In February 2014, she performed at the 27th Annual Storytelling Festival, which was held at the Ark (Ann Arbor, MI). In May 2014, Jane was a guest storyteller at the Howell Opera House (Ann Arbor, MI) at the invitation of Jeff Doyle, a renowned Ann Arbor humorist and storyteller. Jane also uses her storytelling gifts in other settings such as in the adult and the children’s ministries of the Dexter United Methodist Church (Dexter, MI). For the 2013 Christmas season, she wrote and told stories for the church's Advent program. When not working on stories, Jane makes and sells a line of gourmet granola products, and she enjoys “hanging around” her 13 wonderful grandchildren. In addition to all of this activity, Jane is an artist of figurative works and uses graphite, acrylics and oils to paint and draw her creations. “I am very excited about telling stories at the Frogtown Tellabration!” Jane enthuses. “I believe that listening to and telling stories is the true stuff of life. Since I was six years old I have been telling stories in one form or another to any one willing to listen. I would call my stories ‘slices of life’.”
In 1988, the first Tellabration! concerts were performed at six locations in the state of Connecticut. J. G. Pinkerton, the originator of Tellabration!, envisioned the event as a way of fostering and maintaining the art of storytelling. It was a great success and in the following year Tellabration! concerts soon spread to other states. In 1990, Tellabration! became a national event with the help of the National Storytelling Network. Its popularity continues to spread and now thousands of storytelling groups worldwide produce Tellabration! concerts in November. By sponsoring Tellabration! concerts, the goal of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild is to provide enjoyable performances that leave the audience feeling lighthearted and, more importantly, with a deeper appreciation for the power of story.
Featured Storyteller, Jane Fink    
Featured Storyteller,
Jane Fink

Glenda Garrison
Mistress of Ceremony

Ken Solo                                      Regina Patrick
"A Gypsy Tale"                             "Anna's Quilt"
Marion Hallauer                            Odessa Rowan
"Klepto Dog"                                "Salt–A Russian Tale"

Tari Miller                                Glenda Garrison
"May Nothing You Dismay"        "Change It Up"

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