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Tellabration! 2013

13thAnnual Storytelling Concert

Maumee Indoor Theater

601 Conant Street

Maumee, Ohio 43537


Friday, November 8, 2013


7:00 p.m.— 8:00 p.m.


$10.00 per ticket, available at the door

For More Information Contact:

 Producer, Glenda Miller at

 Guest Storyteller:

Condessa Croninger

Condessa Croninger, Guest Storyteller
On Friday, November 8, 2013, Frogtown Storytelling Guild will celebrate its 13th year of Tellabration!—a spoken-word concert of "stories for grown-ups"—with Toledo, OH storyteller, Condessa Croninger. She is a founding member of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild and was an active charter member from 1994 to 2011, serving as President (2005–2007) and producer (2007–2009). Condessa began her professional storyteller career in 1990, and has performed and conducted workshops in schools, libraries, churches, community events, and storytelling festivals throughout Ohio, southeastern Michigan, and southern Ontario (Canada). Frogtown Storytelling Guild is very pleased to welcome Condessa for this special evening.


Condessa is an Outreach Specialist for the Toledo Ballet Association and conducts storywriting and movement workshops to introduce area school children to classical ballet. Her great delight is serving as Narrative Storyteller for the student performances of the Toledo Ballet public productions, including the nation's longest-running production: The Nutcracker Ballet.
Off-stage, Condessa serves as an artist educator in the Toledo Public Schools Arts Education Project; works in early-childhood and secondary education; teaches etiquette classes; collects and exhibits historical clothing and hats; creates and exhibits "nonwearable" clothing as fine art; and is the "almost-retired" Art Director of the former 20 North Gallery in Toledo, OH. Her storytelling repertoire features new interpretations of folktales and fairytales from around the world, and renditions of often overlooked historical events.
The sponsors of Tellabration! 2013 are the Frogtown Storytelling Guild and the Cardone Financial Group. Sharing the spotlight with Condessa Croninger will be talented members of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild:  Marion Hallauer, Pat Lora, Glenda Miller, Tari Miller, Michael Moore, Regina Patrick, Odessa Rowan, Ken Solo, Tim Kreps, and Ken Wielfaert. The stories of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild span the oral tradition: folktales, wisdom tales, legends, romantic sagas, humorous accounts, and personal narratives that explore the richness of the human condition.

In 1988, the first Tellabration! concerts were performed at six locations in the state of Connecticut. J. G. Pinkerton, the originator of Tellabration!, envisioned the event as a way of fostering and maintaining the art of storytelling. It was a great success and in the following year Tellabration! concerts soon spread to other states. In 1990, Tellabration! became a national event with the help of the National Storytelling Network. Its popularity continues to spread and now thousands of storytelling groups worldwide produce Tellabration! concerts in November. By sponsoring Tellabration! concerts, the goal of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild is to provide enjoyable performances that leave the audience feeling lighthearted and, more importantly, with a deeper appreciation for the power of story.
Please come for an enjoyable evening!  
Scenes from the Tellabration! 2013 evening
           Glenda Miller            Condessa Croninger
           Glenda Miller                             Condessa Croninger
           Mistress of Ceremonies               Guest Storyteller
                                                            "A Stitch in Time"
           Ken Solo                Regina Patrick    
           Ken Solo                                    Regina Patrick
          "The Terrible Leak"                      "The Roof Leaf Story" 
          Marion Hallauer                Ken Wielfaert:                   
          Marion Hallauer                             Ken Wielfaert
         "The Candy Wrapper"                     "The Woodcutter" 
          Tari Miller                Odessa Rowan   
          Tari Miller                                     Odessa Rowan
          "Christmas Day in the Morning"      "The Foolish Lad"
           Glenda Miller 
           Glenda Miller
           "Relax, Millers!"
             The Frogtown Storytellers and Condessa Taking a Bow!