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Founded in 1994, the Frogtown Storytelling Guild is based in Toledo, Ohio. The purpose of the guild is the preservation and perpetuation of storytelling, and the promotion of the art and  craft of storytelling. Our members include tellers at various skill levels, as well as people who simply enjoy listening, and/or support the gentle art of storytelling.




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Are you a storyteller? Do you want to become a storyteller? Do you want to improve your storytelling skills? Do you just like to listen to storytellers?

Then come to our monthly meetings to share a story or simply to listen. Open to budding storytellers, professional storytellers, natural-born storytellers, and shy storytellers (i.e., people who'd rather listen to storytellers than tell a story).

Our Monthly Meetings Are Held on the 2nd Saturday at
Reynolds Corner Library
4833 Dorr St, Toledo, OH 43615
Time: 9:00 am–11:00 am
Phone: (419) 259-5320

Upcoming Meetings
May 12, 2018 

Summer Break (no meetings)

Meetings Resume
September 2018
Time, Day, Location 
To Be Arranged

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What Is Tellabration!? A celebration of storytelling in all its facets. Scroll down to learn about Tellabration! and see scenes from past Tellabration! concerts! 

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Interested in joining Frogtown Storytelling Guild? Membership is only $25.00/year!

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 Do you need a storyteller

for your event?
Many of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild members are available!

Please view the Storytelling Guild Members' information below to learn more details.

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 Want to see scenes from our past Tellabration! concerts?
Click on a link below:
           Tellabration! 2016 
          Tellabration! 2015
          Tellabration! 2014

Click the link below to see scenes from earlier Tellabrations 

In 1988, the first Tellabration! concerts were performed at six locations in the state of Connecticut. J. G. Pinkerton, the originator of Tellabration!, envisioned the event as a way of fostering and maintaining the art of storytelling. It was a great success and in the following year Tellabration! concerts soon spread to other states. In 1990, Tellabration! became a national event with the help of the National Storytelling Network. Its popularity continues to spread and now thousands of storytelling groups worldwide produce Tellabration! concerts in November. By sponsoring Tellabration! concerts, the goal of the Frogtown Storytelling Guild is to provide enjoyable performances that leave the audience feeling lighthearted and, more importantly, with a deeper appreciation for the power of story.



Frogtown Storytelling Guild Members: 



     Marion Hallauer

Phone: 419-690-4992

Humorous stories and ghost stories as well as historical tales for young adults and grown ups. Contact Marion to discuss a fee. 

Glenda Garrison   
Phone: 419-350-1454
Glenda tells humorous accounts and personal narratives to any audience willing to laugh! Contact Glenda to discuss availability and fee.



Tari Miller     

Phone:  419-279-1771 (cell) 

E-mail: theremll6@gmail.com

A teller of tales for the young at heart, Tari tells folk tales, tales of wisdom, character and humor. Contact Tari to discuss a fee.



Regina Patrick
Phone: (419) 535-1550
Wisdom  and other tales. Contact Regina to discuss a fee.   


Odessa Rowan 

Phone: 419-537-0021 or 419-277-0591

E-mail: orowan@sbcglobal.net

Stories for all ages include a variety of moral, humorous and traditional tales as well as book reviews and themed programs. Contact Odessa to discuss a fee.



 Ken Solo   

Phone: 419-537-0021 or 419-277-0591

E-mail: rowric@hotmail.com

Stories for all ages including humorous stories, traditional tales and tales with a moral or a twist. Contact Ken to discuss a fee.

Ken Wielfaert

Phone: 419-475-7818

E-mail: kwielfaert@aol.com

Fun stories for everyone.  Ken enjoys writing and storytelling and has told stories in classrooms, nursing homes, around campfires and for family gatherings.  Contact Ken to discuss the repertoire and fee.


**The Frogtown Storytelling Guild does not endorse or guarantee the performance of individual members.  
Members have different levels of experience and ability,
and varying specialties.
Please interview your teller. 

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