What is the BSM?
BSM is short for Baptist Student Ministry.  We're a student organization at TCU. We provide opportunities for spiritual growth, friendships, leadership, service, and missions.

Do I have to be a Baptist?
Nope! In fact, we prefer the inter-denominational diversity. Our Baptist name is rooted in our history, and denotes our heritage, support system, and spiritual axioms.

Do I have to be a Christian?
Not at all! We welcome everyone, regardless of their views on spirituality.  People of all worldviews are welcome to be a part.  We aspire to be a safe place for students to explore the claims and ways of Jesus.

Are you a church?
No, we're a para-church ministry affiliated with dozens of local churches. We have a specialized function that is different from a church. With that, students are encouraged to be active in a local church.

What kind of things do you do?
We have activities throughout the week: Dialogue, Prelude, Deeper, and special events.  We also have major events like retreats, conferences, and mission trips.

How do I get involved?
Check out the GET INVOLVED page to lean more about ways to jump in and connect.

How can I serve?
Many things in our fellowship are done by students who volunteer their time. We are rebuilding, so there are lots of opportunities. Contact Doug at dougwcherry@gmail.com for more info on serving.

Do you do missions?
We love missions! We do a short term mission trip every Spring Break. We also send out some students on mission through Go Now Missions.  If you're ready to "go and make disciples", check out Go Now Missions.

What is the vision statement of the TCU BSM?
Pursuing God in the company of friends.  This vision is based on Deuteronomy 4:29 and Hebrews 10:24.

What is the purpose statement of the TCU BSM?
Equipping students to be self-initiating and multiplying disciples of Jesus. This purpose is based Matthew 28:18-20.

What are the priorities of the TCU BSM?
Our priorities are drawn from the central teachings of Jesus. They include:
1) Loving God with our whole and undivided lives (Mark 12:29-30)
2) Loving the people around us. (Mark 12:31)
3) Following Jesus (Luke 9:23)
4) Leading others to follow Jesus (disciple making) - Matthew 28:18-20

What are the distinctives of the TCU BSM?
Like all fellowships we have a culture, a blend of personalities, strengths, and weakness. We emphasis devotion to Christ, discipleship, and global disciple making. Since we represent, and welcome, a wide variety of backgrounds and spiritual understandings, we advocate the resolve of the Berean (Acts 17:10-11) by esteeming the Bible as exclusively authoritative and inerrant in truth. We humbly approach the Bible with sound hermeneutical interpretation.   Theological influences include David Platt, John Piper, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, and Timothy Keller as well as the classic theologians and writers of the past (www.ccel.org). We are members of the TCU Religious and Spiritual Life office. We are recognized as an official TCU Student Organization.

Do you have non-student ministerial leadership?
Yes. Our Director is Doug Cherry.  Doug serves full time and loves investing spiritually into the lives of students. Doug is financially supported through the giving of churches, individuals, alumni, and parents. We also have two volunteer non-student leaders.  Jessica Mendez serves as our Coordinator of Outreach Initiatives. Jennifer Han serves as our Coordinator of Freshmen Initiatives. Our ministerial staff is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas