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Dreadlockalien - AKA Richard Grant

My favourite poem by Dreadlockalien is : I Am Whatever Colour You See by Richard Grant (Dreadlockalien)

To find out more about DreadlockAlien - look at this Delicious link: http://www.delicious.com/stevephilp/dreadlockalien

This video just shows the second half of the poem. The full words are written below.

I am Whatever Colour You See

I Am Whatever Colour You See by Richard Grant (Dreadlockalien) 

White as a ghost, indicating a sheet pale skinned reaction of fear
Black sheep, ba ba family outcast, sore thumb not welcome here
White lightning, striking bolts, connect charged protons gathering pace
Black thunder, deep rumble, grumble of the gods, and booming bass.
White water rapids giving white knuckle rides.
Blackberry, fruits nestled amongst thorns on roadsides 
White lie, is still a lie but because it's white then it's okay
Blackmail, is extortion over something that I might as a man may say.
Whiteboard, political correctness replaces chalk and dust 
Blackspot is a place where accidents often take place, a corner we don't trust 
Blackjack is twenty-one or bust 
Black flag, stop the race. It's all over. 
White cliffs now we all know that's the sight of Dover
Black ice carpets skating cars, gliding sideways to barriers, chaos and disorder 
Whitefriars, not English chippies but monks of a preordained order. 
Blackamoor, sculptures of subservience, leafed in golden opulence 
White elephants, a rare concept that seems to defy common sense 
Black out, well I was going anyway, 
Whitewash blankets everything that I have to say 
Blackburn was once a verb not a place name 
White feathers are sent to those who do not play the game 
Blackbirds, rooks, ravens,  john crows all look the same 
What's in a colour, what's in a name? 
What's in a colour, what's in a name? 
I am that scorched suntanned look you sit out in summer for 
I am dark stained pine, antique cupboard door 
I am shaded latino who's on the dance floor 
I am the colour of the exotic other, 
I am olive from dad and ebony from my mother 
I am Chocolate, dark, milk and white 
I am the Bronze that flashes throughout the night 
I am the colour of rain-soaked rust 
I am the beige bloke you don't like to trust 
I am in the words of D.K., one of the aliens that comes from 12 shades of grey.
I am that oak-coloured chestnut roasted on open fires 
I am that tub of fake sun tan that your ego so desires 
I am that caramel bar, melting in the heat 
I am that burnt toffee cinder, sugar clad and sweet 
I am tarnished copper, I am unpolished brass 
I am the sandalwood sojourner that you just walk past 
I am the dark that's between the handsome and tall 
I am that subtle shade of sandstone wall 
I am that coloured sense of an Autumn sunrise 
I am that dark umber that many still despise 
I am the colour of six billion eyes. 
I am the grey of the middle ground starting to rise 
I am that single drop of cream in your Columbian coffee cup 
I am tan, I am sable, I am cinnamon, I am a hint of roasted nut 
I am the colour of freshly dug Mother Earth 
I am mulatto, mixed up from birth 
I am Cherokee, mahogany, a darker shade of pale, 
I am Nubian, Autumn blossom, the colour of real ale. 
I am mocha, terracotta, mustard seed and teak, 
I am the tone of Raw Sienna, totally unique 
I am that golden glint that glistens on your chain 
I got a eumelanin overload running through my brain 
I am that toasted shade of hot almond flakes. 
I am that cocoa powder you shake over cakes 
I am a palette mix of magnolia and wood smoke 
To me colours are just not a joke.
So when you give me a tick box please get it right. 
If colour is what you see then truly who is brown, black or white? 

Posted: February 2007. Copyright: Richard Grant (Dreadlockalien).